Join the #PampersPinParty and Win a Year of Free Diapers!

If you read this blog at all, you now that I am a Pampers fanatic!  When my first daughter was born, I was given a pack of Pampers Swaddlers at my baby shower and I haven’t looked back.  Since then, I was honored to be selected for the Pampers Baby Board where I get behind the scenes access to new products and initiatives to share with my readers….and today is no different!

I am co-hosting the first ever Pampers Pin Party where you can win a years worth of free Pampers diapers or a goodie basket filled with diapers and wipes for participating.  Have you heard of a Pin Party?  Tell me you are on Pinterest.  If not, go now and sign up.  You can thank me later.

So, how do you win?  It’s simple!  Follow these easy steps and join in the fun:

  1. Sign in to your Pinterest account and create a Board entitled “Baby Shower Ideas #PampersPinParty“.
  2. Start pinning!  Pin at least 10 ideas to your virtual bulletin board such as cute baby shower party themes, party favors, baby shower gifts, shower games, etc.
  3. One of your pins must be THIS POST.  Please pin the yellow STAR GRAPHIC to your board.
  4. One pin must be a product from
  5. All of your pins must have #PampersPinParty in the description.
  6. Link your board URL to the linky below so we can follow your participation!

Why should you play?

The participant with the “Most Creative” board will receive a YEAR OF FREE PAMPERS DIAPERS.  And the participant with the most re-pins will win a goodie basket filled with Pampers diapers and wipes!

Still confused?  Need some inspiration?  Follow me on Pinterest and check out the board I created!  Want more ways to win?  Visit my co-hosts Double Duty Divas and What Mommies Need to find out how to increase your chances of winning!




The Pin Party begins Friday, August 10th and closes at 11:59pm EST on Friday, August 24th.  Experimental Mommy, What Mommies Need and Double Duty Divas are administering this contest and will be selecting winners.  We have been compensated for our time and effort.




  1. I entered! I did my board!

  2. I just entered and today is my first day joining! Im very excited for the chance to win and learn more so if anyone has any ideas or needs me to like or repin please just let me know. Good luck all a nd thanks so much again for the chance! Go Pampers! 🙂

  3. Do you mean that the one who re-pins the most or the one who has the post people to re-pin their pins?

  4. The one who’s stuff gets repinned the most. Hope that helps!

  5. Marie Muckey says:

    Thought I entered already but I don’t see my comment

  6. oh should have entered on the 1st day!

  7. Michelle Drollette says:

    Great idea! Would love to win

  8. Mine board isn’t showing up on the list…


    I actually am due within in a week with baby number two!! I have a lot of helpful and useful information on my pinterest, so I added “#pamperspinparty” to each board that I think other users might find useful! I hope we win the diapers, with two in diapers, that would be a lifesaver!!!!!


  10. Felicia Rodgers says:

    Thank you pampers for this wonderful opportunity! I really appreciate the chance of entering and winning. This will help me and my family in more ways than one. Good luck other Mommies!

  11. Liz Thompson says:
  12. Cortney M says:
  13. Quick question – for the repinning portion, how many pins will be counted towards the total? Some boards have dozens upon dozens of pins, and some people have in the 10-20 range. Theoretically I could repin every baby-related pin on Pinterest, but I’m not sure that’s what you all had in mind 🙂

  14. how are we going to know who wins?

  15. Wish I saw this before… Even though it’s the last day and chances of me winning with most pins are low but it was worth a shot and was actually fun! 🙂 Thanks for the chance! Good Luck EVERYONE!!! <3

  16. You will be notified via email.

  17. georgia duncan says:

    fingers crossed 🙂

  18. Thank you for the opportunity, my fingers are crossed! This was such a fun contest to enter and I could spend hours looking for more ideas!

  19. Sorry im anxious to see who wins when will the winner be determined

  20. Felicia Rodgers says:

    Who won?

  21. Has anyone been notified of a win ? Thanks 🙂

  22. not yet…we have many boards to go through but will announce soon!

  23. YAHOOOO!!!!

  24. Yayy no winner yet! theres still hope!!! 🙂

  25. Alison Armstrong says:

    Im dying over here !!! Winners !!?? 🙂

  26. Allison, winners have been notified via email. Thanks!

  27. Dang I thought I had the best one! Maybe I was impartial, oh well I tried…. will you be posting the winning boards, I would love to see who/what kind of baby shower won 🙂

  28. Emily B won for “Most Creative” with an adorable Zebra Baby Shower Theme.
    Stephanie K. won for Most Repins

    They were all sooooo good! You guys were awesome!

  29. Hi! how many repins did stephanie have? my board has almost 300?

  30. Rebecca: You won for most repins on the Baby’s 1st Birthday board, correct?

  31. hi! Yes i did; isnt it separate contests on each board?


  1. […] diapers and wipes for the most re-pins. With two additional #PampersPinParty contests–Baby Shower Ideas on Experimental Mommy and Baby’s 1st Birthday Ideas on What Mommies Need, and two prizes per […]

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