Give Your Kids a Boost with the Go Anywhere Booster Seat {Giveaway}

It seems like every time we are invited to a family gathering or party my daughter needs to eat.  Getting a one year old to sit still long enough to take a bite of food is quite a challenge.  Unfortunately, most places we go aren’t equipped for a little one with a high chair.  If this has ever happened to you, it is time to get a Go Anywhere Booster Seat.

A Parent Company has a new and improved gender neutral booster now available.  The new seat is a must have for anyone with a toddler.  This past weekend we were invited to a bridal shower and I was so nervous that my daughter was going to break one of the gifts.  I brought the booster with me and I was so happy that I did.   I easily strapped it on the chair next to me and she was able to sit with all of the grownups and eat with no mess.  The best part was while the bride was opening her gifts my daughter wasn’t running around.  Not only is the booster good for a party, it is perfect for restaurants, grandma’s house and even home.


The new gender neutral booster has two thick straps to keep it in place so it is easy to install and remove.   There is also a five point harness that keeps your little ones secure while you enjoy your meal.  My very active one year old was more secure in this booster than any restaurant style highchair.  If your little one spills, all you need to do is wipe the booster with a wet cloth and it is good as new.  The booster folds for portability, it even has a strap so that you can carry it on your shoulder.  It is so light weight you won’t even realize you have it!

Another great new feature is the large pocket on the outside when folded which is perfect for bibs, wipes, food, diapers and anything else you need to bring into a restaurant. For just $39.99, the Go Anywhere Booster will travel with me where ever I go. For more information visit A Parent Company’s Website.

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This post is the opinion of Beth of Experimental Mommy. While a product sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.



  1. I would give it to my sister who takes her son with her all over the place…this would be awesome for her!

  2. melissa n says:

    i would give it to my niece she is aving a baby in Nov, she can use any baby help she can get.

  3. I would use it with my new baby — once they were able to sit on their own — to boost them up at the table.

  4. I would take it to church to use.

  5. Bethany C. says:

    This would be great for when we take out my daughter; she doesn’t like those plastic non-strap-in ones most restaurants have.

  6. I would give it to my daughter in law. who having a baby.

  7. I would give it as a gift since my daughter is too big

  8. heather eg kaufman says:

    I would use it with my 1 yr old when we go out.

  9. I’d take it to playdates so I could have a high chair for my son at anyone’s house

  10. I would use it here when the nieces & nephews came over and when we went out to eat.

  11. I would use it for our new baby due in October.

  12. I would use this for my one year old daughter – she is a pistol. Getting her to sit tight and eat is always a challenge!

  13. i’d take it to restaurants and grandma’s house

  14. Tracie Brown says:

    I REALLY need one of these for when we go out to eat and also to use at home…my daughter doesn’t like highchairs anymore


    I like the fact that your review it to be pretty adjustable for different size kiddos.

  16. I would use it at all the restaurant and parks, the alternatives are nasty.

  17. More comfy trips to the restaurant with mom & dad!

  18. I’d use it to move my 15 month old out of the highchair and to the table with mom and dad in time before his brother or sister arrives in two months.

  19. This would be perfect for when we go to my father in laws house, because he has nothing for a baby.

  20. Vicki Wurgler says:

    at Grandma’s house

  21. Stephanie says:

    I have twins, so this extra booster would be great! Thanks for the chance!

  22. I would use this when I babysit.

  23. nannypanpan says:

    for taking to friends and family houses

  24. I would use it for eating out with my baby boy.

  25. Jessica O says:

    We would use this when we visit family who don’t have little kids. It would be nice having something this small instead of a bigger chair to have to lug around!

  26. Would be great to bring over to the in-laws when we visit!

  27. I would use it when my grandson came to visit!

  28. This would come in VERY handy to all the relatives’ houses that we visit! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter!

  29. Would give it to my nephew who is having his first baby and his girlfriend has a toddler. I’m sure she could use the extra hands and a place for the toddler to set at the dinner table.

  30. I’d use it while out to eat

  31. I would use it when we go out to eat

  32. Sheila K. says:

    I would use it when I go visit friends and family members!

  33. I would leave it at my sister in law’s house so that my daughter has a seat to eat in when we have dinner there!


    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

  34. We’d take it to the in-laws or out to dinner.

  35. I would use it when I babysit! Looks perfect for the child I watch

  36. April Brenay says:

    going to the grandparents house so our son can sit at the table

  37. i would use this at my moms house and any other places we go- just leave in car 🙂
    tcogbill at live dot com

  38. I’d use it totake on our yearly road trips

  39. I would use it for visiting grandchildren. I don’t have room for a high chair.

  40. For Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

  41. we travel a lot so this would get a lot of use with my 2 girls!

  42. Use it wherever we went – restaurants, parents house, traveling, you name it!

  43. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I would give to my nephew for their baby due any day so they could take it with them when they go to dinner

  44. Shannon F. says:

    I would take it everywhere! When we go on picnics, Grandma’s house, playdates!

  45. I subscribe

  46. Janine Ecofrugal says:

    Easy (and more sanitary) seat at restaurants!

  47. Amanda Freeman says:

    This would be so useful and a million places! Part of my job has me visiting restaurants and I’d love to have this on hand to make life a little easier!

  48. On trips & at restaurants.

  49. I’d use it to ensure my daughter can join us at the table.

  50. David Basile says:

    it would come in handy for my little niece

  51. we would replace the solid one we keep in the car

  52. For my grandchildren when they visit!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  53. Christine says:

    I would use in my in-laws house.
    Thanks for the chance!

  54. Melissa VandenBerg says:

    I would use it alot when we go to our parents house. So much easier then trying to bring a high chair or having them buy one…

  55. We have a lot of dinners at church, my parents, eating out in restaurants (sanitary reasons) and pretty much anywhere we go including home to get rid of that huge high chair and let her be a Big Girl

  56. shanta spradlin says:

    I would use it going to restaurants. I don’t like their high hairs

  57. I would use it when we go out to eat

  58. Jessica Grigsby says:

    At resturants.

  59. I would use it to go anywhere lol could use it in the house right now!

  60. would use for my little lady to sit with mommy and daddy

  61. I would keep it in the car so I never have to remember to pack the booster again, I always need it and have forgotten it!

  62. jessica schueler says:

    I would use this in my house for my nephews since right now I have nothing for them their parents always have to lug stuff around for me.

  63. This would be great for traveling! Would fit in the suitcase to visit my in laws out of state!

  64. Bring it to my parents!

  65. I would use it for traveling and holidays at families homes. We go to 4 different houses on all holidays so this would be a lifesaver!

  66. jules mcnubbin says:

    in the car and restaurants

  67. amy deeter says:

    i would use this when we go out to eat

  68. When we travel out of state to visit relatives.

  69. Kathy Pease says:

    I would give this to a friend for her child for when they go visiting or out to eat

  70. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    I would give this to my brother and sister in law. They would be able to use it at home and also take it to both grandparents houses! 🙂

  71. Richard Hicks says:

    would use at home and in restaurants

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  72. I would keep it in my car for when we go out to eat.

  73. Lindsey Gain says:

    This would be great for travel and meals away from home.

  74. susan smoaks says:

    i would use it when we eat out

  75. Britt Brill says:

    We go to visit family all the time, so it will be nice to take this with! Thanks!

  76. Laurie Emerson says:

    We would use it when we travel, go to the grandparents and when we go out and eat.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  77. Marla Bland says:

    I would use it at my house for my grandson.

  78. Whitney L says:

    We would take it to Grandma’s house!

  79. Congratulations Donna H, your seat should be on it’s way to you.

    Seats available to purchase directly from our website.


    A Parent Company

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