WWE Raw Is For Girls, Too!

To say that my two princesses aren’t fans of wrestling would be an understatement.  But when I was contacted by the WWE to attend Raw held in New Orleans, I knew exactly who would love the tickets.  My husband absolutely loves his eight year old Goddaughter, Haley who is all about wrestling.  Even though I am a wrestling novice, Haley and her grandfather (aka poohPaw) love watching wrestling together and could talk about it for hours.

I was surprised to learn that the WWE Raw show is now rated PG and has an audience of 35% women!  So, I could not wait to hand over the tickets to Haley and her Grandfather.  Below is the review written by Haley, age 8.

The Best Memorial Day Ever

“When my mom told me that my Aunt Bridgette had VIP tickets to the Monday Night RAW in New Orleans for my poohPaw and I, I was so excited! I hurried and made signs to hold up!
I wore my red, white and blue John Cena shirt with my black skort and red Chuck Taylors with an American flag bow in my hair. My PoohPaw picked me up and we went to the Arena. When we got there we went to get our tickets at will call and then they allowed us to go sit inside instead of sitting outside in the heat! Our seats were AWESOME! We could see the ring and the wrestlers so good. My PoohPaw bought me nachos and an RC before the matches started.

Once the lights went out there were laser lights and fireworks. It made me jump out of my seat! It was loud and really cool! They showed lots of videos and different matches from the past. I saw C.M. Punk, WooWoo, Alex Riley, Big Show, Alberto Delrio, People Power, Teddy Long, Brotus Clay, Jerry The King Lawyer, and my favorite John Cena!!!

When Brotus Clay was fighting Big Show, Big Show threw Brotus Clay out of the ring and hit him with a metal chair. It was really cool to see them in action up close. Brotus Clay did not get back up so they had to call the paramedics to come get him. It took about 9 people to get him up on a board to carry him out.

Then when John Cena came out the crowd got real loud!!! There were lots of green lights and they played his song and everyone screamed YOU CANT SEE ME and did the hand signal!!! I had the best time with my PoohPaw that night. He and I LOVE watching Wrestling together. It is a great past time for him and I to be with each other. I am so thankful my Aunt Bridgette got us some AWESOME VIP seats to the best Memorial Day match ever!”

Thanks for the great review, Haley! 

Here are some more fun facts about the WWE:

  • The WWE Superstars and Divas visit schools across the country to promote anti-bullying as part of their be a STAR program.
  • Every year, WWE entertainers perform for our troops overseas.
  • Last year, WWE Superstar John Cena granted his 250th wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation making him only one of four celebrities to have accomplished this achievement and he’s still granting more.

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This post is written by Haley of Experimental Mommy. While tickets were received to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% hers.


  1. OH my goodness how fun is that?! Loved the post, Haley!

  2. That was just about the cutest review I’ve ever read. Glad that Haley and PoohPaw had such a fun time!!

  3. Sounds like she had a great time and you just won aunt of the year! She did a great job sharing her experience!

  4. Thats so cool. You are a perfect example that girls love wrestling and its not just for guys. I myself started watching at age 6 and still do.

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