We All Scream for Ice Cream: Latest Frozen Treats

Is there really any better way to cool off during this summer heat than some nice cold ice cream?  Now you can cool off with five new fantastic treats, with so many to choose from you are sure to find something for your entire family.

Magnum, or as I like to call it, heaven on a stick.  Magnum now introduces a mini line of petite treats. The new Magnum minis come in two flavors, Classic and Almond. I chose the classic, smooth ice cream covered in rich Belgian milk chocolate, they are just the perfect size to cool you off and help that craving for something sweet. Unlike other chocolate covered bars, Magnum has a think layer of chocolate that keeps the ice cream from melting all over your hands.  Magnum has also added Mint and Mochaccino to its traditional-sized bars, which also include white, dark, almond, double caramel, double chocolate and of course classic.

Breyers Blasts!, this ice cream is just plain fun.  Not only do you get ice cream, your favorite treats are mixed in.  No need to go to your local ice cream shop and pay a small fortune for a scoop of ice cream. Breyers Blast! is right there in your local grocery store freezer and convenient whenever you get the urge.   Breyers Blasts!  has 18 different varieties to choose from including six new flavors such as Oreo Birthday Blast, Golden Oreo Cookies & Cream, Reese’s- Chocolate, Klondike Krunch, Banana Split, and Smores.  We chose Ms. Field’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie, it is delicious chocolate ice cream with chucks of brownie in it.  This is (was) a great treat without leaving the house.

Klondike was by far my husband’s favorite of all the choices.  He has loved Klondike for as long has he has remembered.  The new Chocolate Choco Taco is the convenience of an ice cream cone without the mess.160; The taco part tastes like waffle cone and is filled with light chocolate ice cream topped off with a crispy rice chocolate shell.  The Choco Taco is delicious and refreshing.  Klondike introduces in addition to the Chocolate Choco Taco a Peanut Butter flavored Taco as well as a new chocolate ice cream sandwiches.

Good Humor York Ice Cream Bars were by far my favorite ice cream of all these choices.  This is the most refreshing ice cream I have ever eaten.  The smooth mint flavored ice cream covered in rich chocolate is the a wonderful treat and perfect way too cool off.  In addition to the York Bars, Good Humor now offers Mounds and Reese along with many other delicious choices.

Popsicle  has come out with a new line called Yosicle, it combines both ice pops and yogurt.   We tried the Layerz! in cotton candy and orange vanilla.  These are perfect for outside in the sprinkler.  with it being so hot outside my children could not eat them as fast as they were melting. They thought it was finger licking good (literally).  Popsicle has also partnered with Sour Patch Kids and introduced a new popsicle that replicates the sour then sweet taste of the Sour Patch candies.

Whatever your taste buds crave, one of these choices will certainly cool you off during the dog days of summer! Which is your favorite?

This post is the opinion of Beth of Experimental Mommy.  While product coupons were received to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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