Ocean Coloring Book iPad App Perfect for Road Trips

One of the things that kept my girls entertained (and my husband and I sane) on our road trips this Summer is the iPad and the assortment of apps for kids.  We have spent more hours on the road in June than all of our road trips combined…ever.  Of course, we spent many hours talking and sharing as a family, but let’s face it, the kids get tired of talking to Mom and Dad rather quickly.
We armed ourselves with many books and movies, but the iPad was the gadget of choice on this trip.  Honestly, it’s like having a hundred different board games, coloring books and puzzles in one simple device.  Before our trip, we searched for some educational games and some games for pure entertainment.  However, both of my girls love to create even on the iPad, so coloring apps go over quite well.
The Ocean Coloring Book iPhone/iPad App is perfect for summer!  With over 60 colors to choose from and the ability to save and even share your completed picture on Facebook, this app is sure to be a hit.  There are a ton of ocean themed pictures to choose from such as a mermaid, crab, seashell and dolphin.  Not surprising, my girls went straight for the seahorse pictures. They loved coloring free hand, but the fill tool allows you to color in the lines to create professional looking pictures.
The Ocean Coloring Book iPhone App is free right now and is just $0.99 to remove the ads.  Download it now from the iTunes store.  If you are looking for an app to entertain the kids during long car rides, doctor appointments or shopping trips, make sure you check it out!
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