My Daughter, The Drummer

When I was young, I took piano lessons.  I can’t remember if I asked to learn piano or if my parents wanted me to, but a used piano showed up one day in my childhood home.  My parents hired a lady (who at the time I thought was about 110 years old) to come to our house and teach me for about 30 minutes a week.  To say I hated it would be an understatement.  Dread.  Despise.  Loathe.  Yeah, that ought to do it.  On the positive side, I learned how to read sheet music and even play a few basic songs.  I entertained (aka tortured) my family on Christmas Day with simple renditions of “Jingle Bells” and “We Three Kings.”

Now that I have children of my own, my youngest daughter has shown interest in music.  She will beg for us to take her to the music room at Best Buy so she can tinker at the instruments.  Her favorite? Drums. Of course, right?  The great thing is that she can play the drums at Best Buy and then we can leave…without the drums.  She is content with this for now, but someday soon she is going to ask for lessons and a set of her own.  When that time comes, we will be totally supportive and help her on her journey to musical literacy.

Recently, I found a website called Great Scores which allows you to download sheet music for many instruments at all ability levels.  While I am sure we will visit the site when my daughter takes lessons, my husband has already enjoyed finding sheet music for his guitar (he is a wanna be rock star).

In the meantime, we will frequent music stores to get our fill until my daughter is ready to chose an instrument.  Does your child take music lessons?  Which instrument does he/she play?


  1. Why are piano teachers always so old, LOL!? I had one of those, too.

    My daughter took piano lessons for about 7 or 8 years. One of my sons took guitar for about a year. And, our youngest son (11) is currently taking drum lessons! I think music lessons are such a great thing for kids. I will definitely check out Great Scores. Your little girl is such a cutie!

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