Keep Math Skills Sharp with Space Mathematics iPad App

In a little over a month, my girls will be returning to school.  I can hardly believe that Back to School advertisements are displayed in stores and online.  While I am starting to gather school supplies for my daughters, I am trying to make sure that my soon-to-be 2nd grader is keeping her math skills sharp this Summer.

My oldest perfected her addition and subtraction facts during her first grade year, but I am finding that she is reluctant to complete her math worksheets.  I know that she will lose the skills she gained without constant practice, but she is making easy mistakes on simple worksheets due to lack of concentration.  So, I have turned to my iPad to find fun math games to hold her attention.

If you child is working on multiplication and division tables, check out a new iPhone/iPad App called Space Mathematics.  Using music, sound effects and colorful graphics, this app makes learning fun!  Kids are challenged to complete math problems (with the help on the animated character, Cosmic) to save the Earth from meteorites.  The app can be played in easy, medium or hard modes each requiring faster reaction time which is great for speed drills.  For just $0.99, repeated play reinforces learning and gives your child a head start on the upcoming school year.

Have you found any great apps for summer learning fun?  Share your stories in the comments!

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