Pregnancy Just Got Easier with the Insception iPregnancy App

When I became pregnant with my first daughter, my mind started to race.  When should I call the Doctor?  Which prenatal vitamins should I take?  How do I select a pediatrician?  Should I register for baby gifts?  My world was about to change and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

As an obsessive list maker, I instantly bought a notebook and started jotting down things I needed to ask the Doctor or accomplish in the next 9 months.  I loved being able to cross things off my list (I’m a little geeky like that!).  My little pink notebook may seem a bit prehistoric, but this was before the days of the iPhone and iPad.  I would have gone nuts with the new Insception iPregnancy Checklist!

In partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital, Insception Cord Blood Program created an application that allows expecting mothers and fathers to record important dates, appointments and questions.  Soon to be parents can choose from over 100 tasks to add to their customizable checklists, sync with their calendars and schedule alerts to remind them of important deadlines or events.  And best of all?  You can strike the tasks out just like my little notebook as things are accomplished.

Ready to get organized?  The Insception iPregnancy Checklist can be download from iTunes for free!


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