Get Creative Again and Again with BlankZ Toys!

This year, my daughters got some fabulous presents from Santa including many baby dolls and some pretty fun electronics.  But the present they play with the most costs a mere $3.  Crayons.  Markers.  Glue.  Glitter.  They love it all!  Honestly, it comes as no surprise that my girls are full of creativity as their Grandmother is quite the accomplished artist (the talent must have skipped a generation as I have none).

Every day after homework is complete, the girls grab their art boxes and start creating, so I couldn’t wait to show them what arrived in the mail!  BlankZ are soft, plush all white animals which allow your children to create an animal only seen in their imaginations.  The best part?  BlankZ can be washed and decorated again…and again…and again.

We received two BlankZ animals for my kids to test in our home.  My oldest selected the bunny, Bare Hare and my youngest couldn’t wait to get her hands on the pig, Bloink.  Now, when you think of a traditional stuffed pig, you think pink, right?  Not my daughter!  Her imagination drew her to create a rainbow pig (which quickly gave her rainbow hands)!  My oldest decided that her bunny needed a dress and had a blast decorating her knowing she could wash the BlankZ and start over again.

After washing the BlankZ, we discovered that the color really does come out and allows your child to create a whole new animal.  Waiting for the BlankZ to dry can be hard for an impatient four year old, so I would suggest buying a back-up!  Each BlankZ can be purchased for just $13.99 which makes this an awesome gift for the Easter basket!

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