Tell Me and Clorox 2 About Your Monster of a Stain and Win!

Ever buy your child THE perfect outfit for a special occasion and have visions of it becoming an heirloom to be passed down for generations?  And as you dress them, wish you could add a layer of bubble wrap around them as to protect the fabric?  I have.

For my daughter’s daycare graduation, I found the most precious spring dress.  The flaw?  It was mostly white.  Despite my hesitation, I purchased the dress hoping it would be one we could pass on to the next generation.  After the ceremony, we moved outdoor to enjoy the celebration.  And that’s when I spotted it….the dessert table.  It was filled with red punch, pink cupcakes, chocolate brownies and more sweet treats that were sure to ruin the pretty white dress.  I spent the next several minutes trying to make sure none of the sugary goodness touched the fabric when I realized that I was not enjoying the event.  I wasn’t letting my daughter enjoy the event.  For what purpose?

I dropped my concerns and let her indulge, play and celebrate!  I decided to put my faith in Clorox 2 and my new washing machine and let memories be made.  Did we end up with a potential monster of a stain?  You betcha.  Worth it?  Totally.

Do you have a “Monster of a Stain” story?  Describe your worst stain from the best memory before April 20th, and enter to win some great prizes including play equipment for your own backyard, athletic equipment for your child’s school, plus a year’s supply of Clorox 2® stain-fighting products!  Winning  the contest will arm you for many, many memory making messes to come!

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  While I was compensated for my time and efforts, all opinions remain 100% mine.

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