Top 6 “Mom-umental” Moments of 2011

As I counted down the seconds until the year 2012 arrived, I became reflective on all that 2011 brought to Experimental Mommy.  There certainly were some Mom-umental Moments and I thought I would share them with you!

6.  Attending KRAFT’s BlogEats Conference:  Even though I can’t successfully boil water or make an ice cube, I found myself standing in the world famous KRAFT kitchen attempting to make recipes from delicious KRAFT products.  It was so much fun and I even got to ride in the Wienermobile!

5.  Meeting Drew Brees:  In November, I was invited to attend a press event to unveil the new Vick’s VapoRub commercial starring Drew Brees and his son, Baylon.  Putting my arm around him and taking a picture was definitely a “pinch me” moment for this Saints fan!

4.  Networking at BlogHer San Diego:  This was my first trip to San Diego and I fell in love with the City.  Simply gorgeous.  On top of the scenery, BlogHer was spent networking with blogger buddies and brands I love.

3.  Helping St. Michael’s Special School with my Pampers Miracle Mission:  I am honored to be on the Pampers Baby Board and was even more thrilled to be given $1,000 to help a charity in my own hometown.  Purchasing supplies needed by the school and delivering to the students was an experience I will never forget.

2.  Rediscovering myself at Callaway Gardens:  This was a family vacation that will live in infamy!  From ziplining to doing a backflip on a trapeze, I conquered many of my fears and learned to believe in myself.

Cecelia, Stacey (Mom Central) and I

1.  Successfully planning and hosting Reviewers Retreat 2011:  Easily one of my best accomplishments to date!  My business partner (and friend), Cecelia and I began the first and only blog conference geared specifically towards building mutually beneficial relationships between product review bloggers and brands.  It went so well, that we are holding Reviewer’s Retreat 2012 in Charlotte, NC on June 3-5th!  Early bird tickets will be on sale through February 29th.  Join us!



What were your “Mom-umental” Moments of 2011?


  1. Meeting Bree’s would be #1 in my book.

  2. What an awesome year, Bridgette! I was so happy to attend Reviewer’s Retreat and hope I can again this year!

  3. I am with you on the Drew Brees event. I have a pic of us on my desk, my son has a pic of him and Drew Brees on his nightstand and there is a copy on his teacher’s desk. LOL! Geaux Saints!

  4. Diane Hunn says:

    What about meeting chef John Besh and sleeping in Cinderella’s Castle?! You’Veoh had a full and blessed 2011!


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