Seven short years ago, my baby girl was placed in my arms.  I fell instantly in love.

Seven short years ago, I looked into her eyes.  I became a Mom.

Seven short years ago, my husband kissed her forehead.  We became a family.

Lily, it is hard to believe that I didn’t know you seven years ago but I honestly cannot remember what life was like without you.  You have made me stronger, braver, and more patient (believe it or not!).

You made me a Mom.  You made us a family.

I love you, forever.


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday to her!

  2. What a beautiful post to your daughter. Happy Birthday Lily! With a mommy like yours I bet it was remarkable!!!

  3. Awww…thanks so much, Barb! Hope I get to see you again soon!

  4. Thanks, Christina!

  5. She’s beautiful!

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