Fingerprint Play Educational Apps for Kids

About a year ago, I was so excited to purchase my first iPad.  I think I got to play with it for all of ten minutes until my kids took over.  Now, I am lucky if I get to touch it on a daily basis!  Positive side?  There are some incredible apps for kids and I am happy to share a brand new series with you, Fingerprint Play.

Aimed at children ages 3-8, Fingerprint Play introduced the first ever mobile social learning and play network for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The first five apps released enable parents to communicate with their kids via the Mom Comm feature and see actual game play snapshots to keep an eye on your child’s progress.

The five apps include In Big Kid Life Fire Fighter, Big Kid Life Vet, Big Kid Life Fairy Princess, Play Maker, and DoReMi, 1-2-3.  My girls got to try out the Big Kid Life Fairy and Play Maker recently and I am happy to report that they loved them both!

  • Big Kid Life Fairy Princess OK, anything with the word “princess” in it is bound to be a hit with my girls, but I was happy to see that BOTH of my daughters were able to enjoy the app at their own level.  Kids ages 4-7 develop reading comprehension skills as they play through 15 magical adventures, creating their very own Fairy Princess story.  The easy level required minimal dexterity and asked general comprehension questions which were perfect for my almost 4 year old.  The higher levels require a little more skill and was great for my 1st grader who takes comprehension tests regularly.  I love that the kids can send me a note to tell me about their progress, and I automatically was notified via email when my kids “leveled up” in the game.
  • Fingerprint Play MakerBelieve it or not, the girls liked this app MORE than the princess one!  Targeted for kids ages 4-8, this game focuses on math and spelling skills. The girls loved designing their character and recording their own personal messaged.  The higher levels involved addition skills which makes for great drills for my first grader, while the lower level required recognition of shapes perfect for my preschooler.

The Fingerprint games can be found for download in the Apple App Store for $2.99.  For a limited time, the apps are FREE!   Want to learn more?  Check out the video tutorial below:

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