Archer Farms Popcorn: Review

When my daughter was very small, one of her preschool teachers asked her what her favorite thing to do with her Mom was.  Her answer:  Go to Target.  My children LOVE Target (and who are we kidding, so do I).  There are many, many reasons to love Target but one of the biggest is Archer Farms.

Archer Farms makes so many delicious snacks and meal staples you’ll wish every time of day was meal time.  We recently had the treat of sampling the popcorn!  We were able to try the Golden and Midnight Blend Kernels and the Buffalo, Kettle Corn, and White Cheddar seasonings during a recent family movie night!

Em had to have a bowl of popcorn all to herself! She loved it!

My children were fascinated to see “real” popcorn as we usually just toss it into the microwave, so that added to the fun.  The directions are easy to follow and we used the stovetop method since we don’t have a popcorn popper.  This method worked great and we were excited to see hot, fluffy popcorn after it finished popping.  After trying all the seasonings, my kids decided their fave was the Kettle Corn seasoning and hubby and I loved the Buffalo, which was a little spicy but gave the popcorn some real kick.

Archer Farms Products are a creative idea for a gift as well!   These popcorn products would be fantastic in a basket along with a DVD or two for family movie night!!  Tasty food at a tasty price is Archer Farms’ guarantee!  Happy popping!

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