Taking Care of Myself in 2012!

Ever have those moments when you look at yourself in the mirror and barely recognize your reflection?  Life has been so busy lately that I have completely forgotten to slow down and take care of myself.  As 2012 draws near, one of my New Year Resolutions will be to put myself first more often.  I need to feel pretty again.  I deserve to be pampered!  So, here are a few gift suggestions that may help on the journey:
1.  Naturally Luminous Moisturizing Trio from Bare Escentuals:  The first step is radiant skin!

2. Taking better care of my hair is a MUST.  I love this glossing shampoo from Frederic Fekkai!

3.  Tame the tresses with top rated flat irons!

4.  There is nothing like a sparkly accessory to make you feel beautiful!

5.  Get rid of those “Mom jeans” and find some that ROCK!

6.  Pamper yourself at the spa!  Spring for that new hair style or get some hair cutting scissors for yourself.

7.  Add some height with some fabulous leather boots!

What are your tips for taking care of yourself when life is pulling you in ten different directions?


  1. I love your list! I think I should add wearing the expensive makeup I own to my list. I’m not experienced at wearing makeup so I don’t wear it because it is challenging!

  2. Bridgette,
    While I completely LOOOOOOVe your list, my main issue of late is my skin. Being 8 years older than my husband has never been a problem with ME…but as you said, looking in the mirror lately, THAT is where I see the age…with my skin. Not really wrinkles but just lost luster, dullness. So, for me, I am thinking maybe some better quality skin products or a facial. I have only had ONE in my whole life and also one manicure. The other biggie with me is my teeth. I would love to fix them and whiten professionally. Always been so self conscious about them. Growing up with 8 sibs, you just didnt worry about the aesthetics of teeth. As I grew up with 6 kids of my own, you always put them first. Your post got me thinking that maybe it is time to invest in my SELF for once and pull out some of that spunk and shine I used to have. I miss the “old” me…

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