Sing Like a Rockstar with Voice Rockrz {Review}

My oldest daughter is definitely the shy one.  But give her a stage and she will perform with the best of them (I was the same way as a child).  Somehow, she loses her inhibition when given a microphone and a costume and will definitely dazzle you with her personality and smile.

She recently saw Voice Rockrz on a TV commercial and hasn’t stopped talking about it since.  I knew this toy would be right up her alley, so I was thrilled when I was contacted to test it out for ourselves.  Have you seen it?  About Voice Rockrz:

Voice Rockrz is an innovative microphone that magically interacts with included accessories to transform your voice. Tap the accessories to the mic to unlock different voice effects: you’ll hit those soaring high notes with ease, hear your voice echo across the stadium, and transform into a rocking robot as the crowd cheers in amazement!

After installing batteries in the microphone, both of my daughters were ready to sing!  Simply hit the on/off button to power up and belt out your favorite tune.  The unique thing about this microphone is that you can alter your voice by using the included accessories.  Tap the flower ring to the mic and your voice raises two octave levels to reach those sought after high notes (think Mariah Carey).  Choose to tap the bracelet to the mic and get an echo effect instead.  My daughters, however, liked the robot effect the best which can be achieved by tapping the ring and bracelet to the mic consecutively.

Notice the Justin Bieber shirt?

Want to sing along to your favorites hits (it’s all Justin Bieber all the time in my home!)?  Plug your iPhone or mp3 player into the mic and sing along to whichever tune you play!  Want an audience?  No problem….hit the FX button to get a drumroll or applause!

Both of my daughter’s love the Voice Rockrz microphone.  I think the voice effects are really cool, but as with any microphone, you need to be ready for some noise!  If you have a budding rockstar in your home, check it out!  I found it on Amazon for $24.99 (in blue, too!).

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This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  While a product sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.

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