Searching for a New Bed?

Six years ago, our home was damaged in Hurricane Katrina.  While there were many days filled with stress and anxiety while trying to rebuild, there is always a silver lining, right?  Some of the most fun days were filled with shopping for new appliances, bedding, clothes and furniture allowing us to forget about our once mold-filled home.

My favorite projects were designing our new kitchen (picking out cabinets was awesome) and shopping for a new bed.  My husband and I visited just about every mattress store that was open in our devastated City.  We researched before we shopped, but felt compelled to “test drive” numerous mattresses which was so much fun.  Even though we looked at several stores, I never came across a divan bed.  Have you heard of that type of bed?  According to Bensons for Beds a divan bed is defined as:

“...a bed with a deep hollow base, a matching mattress and no boards at either end offering a practical solution for homes in need of additional storage space. Discreet drawers built into the bed base provide large storage areas for bedding, towels, clothing etc.

How cool is that? Both of my daughters have storage beneath their beds in the form of pull our drawers, but I had no idea that other storage options existed.  While searching around the site, I found several cheap divan beds including a totally cool ottoman bed where the mattress flips open to reveal a HUGE storage space.

While I will not be in the market for a new bed for quite some time (provided no more Hurricanes wreak havoc on my home…knock on wood), I will definitely put the divan bed on my short list of options to explore.


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