Last Minute Shopping at JC Penney

Somewhere around October, I promised myself that I would not be one of those people who start shopping mid-December be punished by spending countless hours fighting over-crowded parking lots, loud malls and endless lines.  Well, here it is, mid-December and I have two gifts.  Two.  What have I done?

Fortunately, I will be participating in a video chat with JC Penney and some fabulous bloggers to give you tips on how to beat the craziness that is holiday shopping.  If you are one of those “Shoppers in a Panic”, check back soon to see the final video and get some great ideas for those you haven’t crossed off your list just yet.

Are you in the same boat?  Need advice on last minute shopping?  Leave a question and I will make sure to address it during our video chat!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Stocking stuffers are the hardest for me. Any tips on ones that won’t be a waste of money?

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