Congrats to all the recent winners at Experimental Mommy!  Winners will be notified via email shortly.  Please refer to my winner’s policy in order to claim your prize!

Winnie the Pooh Blu-ray/DVD: Nicole E.

The Popcorn Factory:  Christine

Playtex: Angella

Razzle Dazzle Ruby: Patti H.

Constructive Playthings Play Vet Combo Set: Ellen

Coca-Cola Prize Pack: Cori

Masterlock: Ellen

Bialetti: Julie C.

Totino’s: Jammie

Genie SilentMax: Angella

Nestle (Nook): Donna K.

Pampers (iTouch): Julie G.

Barbie Camper: Terry C.

Let’s Rock Elmo (Hasbro): Karen from SC

Boost Kids Essentials: Rosey

Zhu Zhu Fashion: Amanda S.

Horizon: Renee

Citiblocs: Jenn S.

Endangerbles:  Trixx

Ladybug Girl: Nanci S.

Nestle Back to School #1: Barbara L.

My Baby Clothes Boutique: Allison L.

Gain:  Leslie G.

Thanks to everyone who attended and the sposnors for supplying the fabulous prizes!


  1. Thank you for the prize, I’m looking forward to trying it on the kids. Goodness knows they’re a little picky too and could use all the nutritional benefits they can get. 🙂

  2. Thank you!!! I sure needed this!! It will be a HUGE help for Christmas and just what my two year old wanted!!!!

  3. Thank you so very much I needed a Masterlock this will be great!!!

  4. Thanks so much aslso for the PlayVet set- it is toy drive time at Toys for Tots and this is going to make some child very happy!!!!!

  5. Julie Grimberg says:

    thanks so much! I just ran around the house I was so excited!

  6. Congrats to all the winners!

  7. Patti Hess says:

    Thank you!!!!

  8. thank you Bridgette for my win on the Bialetti Pasta Pot, I’m going to love the Orange Spice color in my Red kitchen and just perfect for cokking up dishes on FootBall Time Celebrating UT our color Orange! Thanks!! Julie C.

  9. Info sent. The Barbie Camper will be a great Christmas present for my granddaughter! Thank you!

  10. We all like Hershey’s with almonds BARS, so I bet we’d like the pieces too!

  11. Allison Lewis says:

    Thank you! Looking forward to receiving my coupon code. 🙂

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