As the Thanksgiving holidays approach and another Hurricane Season comes to a close, I am thankful.  While I am always thankful for what we have, I feel as if my life and attitude forever changed during Hurricane Katrina.  In the days after the storm, we had to learn to live without.  Without power, fuel, the simple ability to wash clothes or shower, and worst of all in my opinion, the ability to prepare food and eat a normal meal with my family.  My children, at their young ages, can’t fathom what it means to be unable to take care of yourself in a time of crisis or natural disaster.  They have no memory of our family having to spend hours in line once a local grocery got up and running to try and buy emergency foods that wouldn’t spoil due to lack of refrigeration.  Once we were able to get a few things to eat, the problem came of dealing with emergency food storage. Most of what we could buy was ready-to-eat, but for staples the kids needed like milk, the lack of ice was a serious issue.  Not to mention, we all bore the frustration of having thrown away hundreds of dollars in food from our refrigerators and freezers as it all spoiled after the power went out…..too bad we didn’t have food insurance!

A "Katrina Fridge." Lovely, isn't it?

So this year, as I prepare our turkey, mash our potatoes, and bake our pies, I will remember those that have to go without, whether it be temporary or a part of their life.  And, I will thank God for the experience we had….for although hard, it made me more grateful for what I have today.

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