Let MasterCard Help with your Holiday Shopping!

This holiday season, I am making a pact with myself.  I promise to:

  • Stick to my pre-set budget
  • Avoid long lines by shopping online
  • Enjoy more time with my family and friends

Easy, right?  Every year, I seem to make this same agreement and have yet to stick by it.  But this year will be different!  Let me explain my game plan.  I have already created a pre-set budget for gifts and transferred money to my checking account.  I will use my MasterCard debit to shop from the comfort of my sofa (avoiding crowded malls) and easily track purchases online.  Finally, I will reward myself by signing up for MasterCard’s “Here’s to Mom” promotion!

Because MasterCard knows that Moms are incredibly busy during the holiday season, MasterCard is helping Mom treat herself!  All you have to do is enroll your MasterCard card (credit or debit) and email address, shop online thru December 31st, and after spending $200 you receive a $20 MasterCard gift card!

Let’s recap:  shop with your MasterCard…..get a Gift Card! What’s not to love?

What do you plan to buy with your reward?

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