Dear Santa….

I know Thanksgiving is not quite here, but I am already feeling the stress of the holiday season.  Watching my online friends scratch names off their gift giving list while I have yet to accomplish one shopping trip is making me crazy!  So, if I make a trip to the mall and sit on your lap, I will only be asking for one simple gift…..
My kids are making a multimedia presentation to make sure their wants are heard (my three year old is asking for a car) while I am in desperate need of productivity software to manage the holidays!  There are gifts to be bought, cookies to be baked, pictures to be taken, cards to be created with Adobe Photoshop, and parties to be attended.  I need help…got any spare elves?

My Priorities

One of these days, I will figure out how to “do it all.”  But something tells me that this holiday season, I should take it slow, enjoy my family and preserve the memories.  My girls will only be young once and I don’t want to miss it by getting caught up in the details.  Does it matter if our holiday outfits aren’t perfectly matched or our Christmas cards are mailed a little late?  Or is it more important to decorate our tree together as a family and enjoy some hot chocolate topped with whipped cream?  It’s all about the priorities, Santa.
How do you manage the holidays?


  1. I used to get all stressed about the holidays-everything had to be a certain way. I have realized over the years people dont remember alot of the things I thought was a big deal and went bonkers over. What people remember are the small things, the quiet things and the traditions.

    Take it more slowly, skip out on some parties. Bow out of some of the social obligations. Do write some personal cards to those on your list (Pare that down too) and spend time with those that matter.

    I wish you and yours a joyous Holiday Season!

  2. You are totally right, Ellen! What really matters is what my children remember, not the tiny details that hardley get noticed!

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