5 Tips For Cozy Winter Sleepwear

by guest writer, Cindy Prosser

There’s nothing better in the winter than climbing into a warm cozy bed and snuggling under the covers just before falling asleep. However, if you’re like most people who end up tossing and turning half the night, you could wind up in the cold after you’ve kicked off those covers if you’re not wearing the right type of sleepwear. Use these tips to find yourself the perfect type of sleepwear and you’ll find yourself well rested and ready to tackle your day, no matter what the weather.

Go Natural

That’s natural, not au naturele, so keep your clothes on! While you want to stay warm and cozy while you sleep, you don’t want to wear fibers that lock in heat — the night sweats that come with wearing polyester and nylon aren’t cool. Instead, go for sleepwear with natural fibers like cotton and silk to keep you from overheating. Other natural choices are pajamas made from organic cotton or even bamboo. Pajamas made from these fibers are excellent for anyone who’s trying to become more eco-conscious while staying cozy throughout the chilly nights.

Don’t Get Cold Feet

It’s hard to get comfortable when your feet are cold, just ask anyone who’s ever spent a day with cold, wet feet after stepping in a puddle of cold water. Instead of being uncomfortable, slip on a pair of snuggly socks. Some soft, fuzzy socks are made from wool, while others are microfiber that have been infused with shea butter to keep your feet moisturized while you sleep. These come in bright colors to add a bit of whimsy and fun to your PJs. After all, just because you’re going to sleep doesn’t mean your sleepwear should be yawn inducing.

Another fun option that will help your feet stay warm is footed pajamas. These one-piece jammies are an updated, grown up version of what little kids wear to bed and are sure to help you stay warm and cozy throughout the night. Just make sure to buy a pair that’s long enough — you want to able to stretch out and not have your feet feel restricted as you sleep.

Stay Warm With Flannel

Flannel is one of the most popular materials for sleepwear. Some women prefer long flannel nightgowns, but others worry that their legs will get cold if the nightgown migrates up or that they’ll get tangled up between the sheets.

If a long, plaid flannel nightgown is a little too ‘granny-ish’ for you, consider a two-piece pair of flannel pajamas. An easy fitting pair of flannel pants and a flannel button down will keep you warm and cozy, even if you kick off the covers in the middle of the night. If head to toe flannel leaves you running a little hot, replace the top with an easy fitting sleep T made out of 100% cotton.

Fit Is Important

Too tight? Too loose? Ah, just right. The right fit will keep you from being tangled up in your sleepwear (too big!) or constricted as you sleep (too tight!). Go for an easy fit that’s neither oversized nor skin tight to help you sleep restfully all night long.

 Cozy Can Be Sexy

Staying warm doesn’t mean that you can’t feel a little sexy during the night. However, instead of a short silk nighty, consider a spaghetti strapped flannel one that reaches to your knees. If you get a little chill as the night goes on, snuggle up to your significant other or add an extra blanket to your bed.

Another option for keeping warm while still remaining in style is to wear an oversized men’s flannel nightshirt or a plain white men’s dress shirt. Many men report that this is actually one of their favorite looks on their significant other and women love it because it allows them to stay cozy throughout the night. Consider buying one pair of men’s pajamas for the two of you to share and you’ll be both sexy and frugal.

Many people report that they prefer to sleep when it’s a little chilly, but that doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. Find the perfect pair of pajamas and you’ll sleep like a baby night after night.

About the Author:

Cindy Prosser modeled underwear until the baby… now she’s a part time freelance writer and full time mom. And yes, that most certainly DOES qualify her to work in her nightgown! When baby’s asleep she keeps herself busy writing for Bare Necessities.

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