Walt Disney Pictures Releases "Winnie the Pooh" on DVD/Blu-ray! {Giveaway}

Ever since I was a little girl I remember watching Winnie the Pooh.  Even as I got older I still loved Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends and am now passing it down to my children.  We love the “Hundred Acre Woods”  so much that our nursery is decorated with all the characters! My son fell in love with all the gang before he could even walk.   Our entire family was thrilled when we learned a new movie was coming out.

Walt Disney Pictures released “Winnie the Pooh” on DVD/Blu-ray combo pack on October 25, 2011.   The movie is full of energy with so many cute songs to sing along with, my favorite was at the very beginning “A very important thing to do.”  I love the fact that the movie is funny for all ages, my husband laughed the most out of anyone.    I have to say Pooh is my favorite in this particular movie especially when he pictures everything he sees is honey.

The DVD/Blu-ray also has some wonderful bonus features. They include deleted scenes, bonus shorts, the history of Winnie the Pooh, sing alongs and How to plan the perfect Winnie the Pooh nursery. If you love Winnie the Pooh as much as I do, check out the interactive widget below:

You will find all things Winnie from cooking recipes to interactive games and a fun personality quiz, too!  I am thrilled to be like Tigger, my favorite Disney character for as long as I can remember.  On the widget you can also take a sneak peak at the movie and take part in many more activities for the entire family.

Want to purchase Winnie the Pooh DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack?  I found it on Amazon for just $24.99!


One winner will receive the Winnie the Pooh DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack!

How to Enter:

1. Take the personality quiz in the widget above.  Which character are you?

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Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on November 3rd. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

This post is the opinion Beth of the Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing opinion of the product.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.


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