Bathroom Makeover with Better Homes and Gardens

After Hurricane Katrina, we gutted renovated our home during a long six month process.  Unfortunately, we were grossly under-insured, so some projects have been left unfinished to this day.  Our Master Bathroom was a casualty because we figured not many people would see it (except us, of course).  This summer, we finally painted the walls and began making progress.

Because we are still tight on budget, I have been checking out bathroom accessories at various stores looking for the best deal.  On a recent trip to a brand new Walmart in my area, my eye was drawn to the line from Better Homes and Gardens.  This brand was in almost every department of the store….kitchen, bathroom, home…..and I loved it ALL.  So, I was thrilled when Better Homes and Gardens challenged me to makeover my bathroom for $200 or less!

Like any good makeover show, here are the grueling “before” pictures:

Our Master Bathroom is very tiny and separated into two spaces.  I hate the lack of storage and the cluttered feel, so these are the areas I intended to focus on during the makeover.  The Master Bathroom also opens to our bedroom, so the colors must coordinate.

The Master Bedroom is decorated in shades of taupe and brown, so we painted our bathroom light blue this Summer just prior to this makeover.   When I started shopping on for our new Better Homes and Gardens accessories, I focused on brown and blue items along with brushed nickel for fixtures.

Here’s what I found (all for less than $200!):

I found the shower curtain first and decided to design the rest of the bathroom around this piece.  Better Homes and Gardens has matching color palettes, so it was easy to find towels and a rug (which will be GREAT in winter months) to coordinate.  Storage was an issue, so I found the perfect over the toilet cabinet to turn a wasted space into something functional.  Finally, what NOLA gal doesn’t have some fleur-de-lis accessory?  The wax warmer is perfect to make the whole bathroom smell fresh!

Ready to see the results?  Here is my Master Bathroom “after” the big makeover! I am so pleased!

Are you in need of a bathroom refresh?  Head over to the Better Homes and Gardens Live Better Facebook page and win a $200 makeover all your own!  Entries accepted until September 18, 2011.  Good Luck!

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing opinion of the product.  The items listed in this review were provided free of charge to facilitate this review, however all opinions remain 100% mine.


  1. Your bathroom stuff looks very nice–I recently purchased bedding and bath items from the BH and G line at Walmart and have also been very pleased with the look and quality.

  2. I love the brown with the light blue/teal color


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