Tell Krazy Glue about your Krazy Life {$50 Walmart Giveaway}

krazyglueAs I plop in bed for the night, sometimes I reflect on the day’s activities.  Getting kids dressed for school, carpool, 8 hours of work, dinner, homework, dance lessons, bath time, and an occasional minute or two for my hubby…..and that’s before the blogging even begins.  How does it all fit into a 24 hour period?  After meeting Cecelia of Cool Baby Kid at BlogHer in 2009, we connected by comparing notes of our crazy lives and how we managed to “do it all.”  Out of our discussion grew what would soon become our first business venture, the Double Duty Divas.  Our main goal was (and still is) to help busy mom bloggers gain readership through the theory of “power in numbers.”  Along the way, the Double Duty Divas have grown into a consulting company for brands wishing to work with reputable product review bloggers and before we knew it, our second business venture was born.  Reviewer’s Retreat, the first blog conference geared towards the product review blogger, was a natural extension of our mission and the Divas.  Through our conference, we are helping bloggers to connect with like-minded bloggers as well as the brands they love to form mutually beneficial relationships.   It’s my life, it’s crazy, and I love it!

Do you have a crazy life?  Krazy Glue, the leading innovator of instant adhesives, wants to know!  Enter to win one of several fun weekly prizes on Krazy Glue’s new Facebook page by telling them your Krazy Life Story now through the end of the year.


One lucky reader can win right here on Experimental Mommy! You will receive a Krazy Glue prize pack including samples and branded materials plus a $50 Walmart Gift Card!

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Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on September 17th. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

This post is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Others may have a differing opinion of the product. While a sample product was received to facilitate the review, all opinions remain 100% mine.


  1. Margaret Smith says:

    My Krazy life story is that my husband works two jobs, starting at 10pm each evening. He usually returns home around 2pm, eats dinner & goes to sleep. Being he works so many hours, I take care of all the household and of course and most important, our kids. Between driving them all over the place, helping with school work, working part time and trying to have a nice dinner ready for my husband at 2 and my kids at 6, life is just so crazy. Not complaining, but it’s crazy.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Margaret Smith says:

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  5. My krazy life is that I have 3 kids and a husband who acts like the 4th kid!

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  9. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    My Krazy story is that I work with 10 toddlers and pre-schoolers

  10. Mary Beth Elderton says:

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  11. Mary Beth Elderton says:

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  12. My Krazy life involves being a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 3 kids and a baby.

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  14. My Krazy life story is I have a barking jack a bea, escape artist beagle aka niagra falls puppy(she has lots of ancidents) and 5 cats (1 old 1 that has ancidents, 1 that gets in the way and just maes a mess, 2 escape artist) as well as a bossy sister who is only 11 months older than me.

  15. Adrienne Gordon says:

    Mine is trying to own my own business while raising two kids.

  16. Patti Hess says:

    My Crazy life…I have a daughter who is getting married NEXT month, and is a special needs child, I have a daughter who is pregnant and due in March…I have 3 birds who are either chirping or flying….I have 1 chichuachua who barks at any little thing and a high strung Beagle…I also have a cat who when NOT sleeping is TRYING to go after the birds. My husband and I both suffer from Mental Illness…he also has diabeties….we have the pregnant daughter living here part time because of HER mood swings durning pregnancy…and our son well, I think he is the only one who doesn’t give us any trouble lol

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  17. Patti Hess says:


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  22. My boyfriend got hurt pretty bad at work over a year ago. He has had 2 shoulder surgeries and has some serious back issues. He is constantly having to see doctors and going to physical therapy. His main doctors are over an hour away. He still gets his daughter every monday and every weekend and she also lives an hour away. I work full time and go with him to most doctor appointments and to pick up his daughter. We spend more time in the car driving around most weeks then we are at home relaxing

  23. I had my son 7 weeks early right after Hurricane Hugo came through here (and I was by myself). ‘Nuff said.

  24. Lorrie (pinklady705) says:

    In my Krazy life, I take care of 2 households. My household is fairly easy these days, but the other household…oh my!!! Teenagers galore, 2 dogs, a cat, and tons of dirty clothes.

  25. Lorrie (pinklady705) says:

    email subscriber

  26. My krazy story is that I’m a wife, mother and grandma, which makes me a taxi driver. Honey can you go here for me, mom I need you to pick up the girls from school, grandma are you going to my game and oh yeah come you make cupcakes for everyone. Don’t forget to get snack grandma for after school. Mom I have to work late can you feed the girls dinner. Grandma can we have pizza and so on and so on!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m go to fall apart and wish I could put myself together with Krazy Glue!!!

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  32. A teenage daughter will do it every time! I’m not sure I’ve recovered yet!

  33. Joyce Mlinek says:

    We have moved from state to state 9 times in our 39 year marriage with 4 kids.

  34. Joyce Mlinek says:

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  37. My work 12 hours a day and I blog. It’s Krazy alright. Not to mention I work with kids so it can be stressful sometimes.

    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  38. Soha Molina says:

    My Krazy life is about a husband and a daughter with many extracurricular activities.

  39. Soha Molina says:

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  41. Soha Molina says:
  42. I don’t know how Krazy my life is but between balancing family time w/ a full time and household chores I’m exhausted LOL! 🙂

  43. Not so blog email subscriber!

  44. My crazy life story is this. I am now disabled. So, I have to pace myself all day so I don’t end up in great pain. I clean up the kitchen, and lay down. I decide what is for dinner, and go to the market. I hope I’m home before the pain sets in. By now, it’s noon and I still need to do so many things that never seem to get done anymore. Yes, it’s a crazy life.

  45. Jessie C. says:

    Work, kids, house chores, to balance all schedules drive me crazy from time to time.

  46. Jessie C. says:
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  55. Jessie C. says:
  56. My krazy life story is that many things I try to to do fail like education and career. The truly krazy thing is I still have hope that it will get better.


  57. Jessie C. says:
  58. Jessie C. says:
  59. Jessie C. says:
  60. As a mother of 3 with Fibromyalgia,sometimes it is all I can do to get out of bed.I manage to maintain the house,home school my daughter,helps the boys with homework,cook,clean,blog,work and still have energy to keep the husband happy..I think its the caffeine.

  61. Jessie C. says:
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  63. Here is just a snippet of my Karzy life- I have a small cat rescue and right now at 1am one of them is fighting outside (the feral cats) I just broke up a catfight. Earlier I noticed someone had dropped a kitten off 🙁 Its tiny and I will have to catch it. Krazy!

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  66. As a mother of 3, two school aged and all three in various activities, I also run a home daycare and have 3-5 extra kids at various times (I take drop offs when I can and do “after hours”). With a husband that is often on call, much of the activities and household things fall solely on me so things tend to get very crazy at times, but it is so worth it.

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  69. I “like” your blog and My Krazy Life on Facebook (Christina Foley) – Atleast I think I liked the right page, your link isn’t working for me.

  70. I am wife, mom of three grown sons, stay at home grandma to two grandsons (ages 6 and 3), and human to one male dog. I am surrounded by testosterone and Kraziness. Such is my life.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

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    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  72. Right now my life is very Krazy. I have a teenage son who is learning to drive. On top of that, we are running him around to visit colleges in preparation for him applying to schools in the next couple of months.

  73. i’m a mom of 2 krazy boys!

  74. subscriber

  75. My life is crazy because I have three children going to three different schools. Throw in all the activities they do, trying to keep the house clean, and recover from brain decompression surgery, I don’t know which way is up anymore.

  76. email subscriber

  77. Right now my Krazy life involves planning a sweet sixteen birthday party.

  78. Patricia Treskovich says:

    My crazy life consisted of working and caring for a severely disabled Mom

  79. My life gets Krazy when I need to be several places at once.

  80. Following you on twitter (clc408)

  81. Soha Molina says:
  82. Krazy life…mine starts early in the morning getting the 3 dogs outside before anyone has an accident. Then goes on to getting my family up and motivated for the day, making sure everyone eats, has homework done and in bag then off to town where I work with my husband and father. Then some nights I get to go to happy hour with my best friend, who is my ex-sister-inlaw. Now tell me that isn’t a Krazy Life!!! 🙂

  83. Well, I raised two brothers after my Mom died, and I had to become the mother/father/grandparents/brother all rolled into one! lol..Now they are grown, living in Hollywood, CA pursuing their music career, and I help take care of my almost 7 yr. old Godson(deja vous!? LOL)

    I call that a krazy life!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!


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  90. My life involved nieces and nephews and dogs and school and soccer and more. I am always driving someone around to some event. I then go to work and have multiple jobs so I am always on the go. It is chaotic but fun

  91. Monique Rizzo says:

    Well with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 frogs, a kid and hubby how could my life NOT be crazy!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  92. JoeyfromSC says:
  93. JoeyfromSC says:
  94. right now my life is crazy b/c of our new puppy who would tear the house up if I didn’t supervise him constantly

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  96. JoeyfromSC says:
  97. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  98. i was just “trapped” with my parents for 2 extra days because of the hurricane…no phone etc…and they were stressed cause of a situation with my sis out of state..alot of work
    nannypanpan at

  99. e-mail
    nannypanpan at

  100. My krazy story is trying to keep my family healthy and happy!

  101. My krazy life story would be losing my car in the floods. The other car thats 10 years old was in the right spot and survived.

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  105. Janice Cooper says:

    Right now my life is Krazy!! I’ve been laid off for the 4th time and still looking for work with no luck. This win would really be a blessing right now. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  106. Janice Cooper says:

    Email subscriber

  107. Janice Cooper says:

    I’m a fan of The Not-So-Blog and My Krazy Life on Facebook. FB name Jan Peoples

  108. Janice Cooper says:
  109. Soha Molina says:
  110. Jennifer B says:

    Up at 6am off to work at 9am I need some hours to myself. Work until 4 home for an hour then to job number 2 until 11 deal with any loose ends from kids, pets, husband then bed.

  111. Jennifer B says:

    subscribe to email

  112. Jennifer B says:

    Like you both on FB Jennifer bee

  113. Starting next week,but not for the first time, I will be working 60+ hour weeks for 2 months with a newborn and 2 other kids. Ugh.

  114. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  115. Allison Wilson says:

    I work a lot of overtime, so my life has been pretty ‘krazy’ lately!

  116. My Krazy Life story seems to be the same old…same old… Just a different day… As running to get a dollar.

  117. My Krazy life is always about my husband that works way more hours than he should and gets no appreciation from his company, but he never complains………I’m the only one that does!
    wbailey113 at hotmail dot com

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  121. i’ve gone back to full time teaching this year after being a stay at home mom for 4 years, so life is a little hectic juggling school and home. but i love it!

  122. FB fan of your blog and krazy glue

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  124. 4 Large dogs, 4 Parrots, 2 Giant Flemish house bunnies , need I say more?

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  128. Janice Cooper says:
  129. My krazy life story is that I am a widow with an 8 year old who now juggles work and raising my son. It is fun, but a lot of work too!

  130. Soha Molina says:
  131. My Krazy life story is sons, grandsons and husband, work, work, and more work!

  132. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  133. My krazy life revolves mostly around my life as a stay at home mom. I am my daughter’s Learning Coach because she attends a cyber academy from home. This year is our first so we have learned a lot since starting school August 15th! I also see that she gets to her Tae Kwon Do classes twice a week, her ballet and tap classes once a week, and her cheer class twice a week. I keep the house clean, I cook (sometimes, admittedly not enough as I would like,) and I look after 6 cats and two fish. Somewhere in the midst of all this going, I find time to read, garden, and play a game or two on my DS. I love my krazy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way (except for maybe if I had lots of money I’d hire someone to cook every meal for my family so I wouldn’t have to!)

  134. subscriber

  135. Janice Cooper says:
  136. Soha Molina says:
  137. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  138. michelle r. says:

    my krazy life story includes a sister, a half sister and 7 sister in laws and 25 nieces and nephews!

  139. michelle r. says:

    email susbcriber

  140. Janna Johnson says:

    work, school, internship!
    Thanks so much!! Janna Johnson janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  141. My krazy life story is working 2nd shift, taking care of dogs, boyfriend, and family.

  142. I like you both on facebook.

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    Happy Labor day!:)

  144. Soha Molina says:
  145. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  146. My life isn’t too crazy, but I work, take care of my daughter, my dog and my household. Everyday has some sort of “krazy” in it.

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  147. liked both on fb (brittney p)

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  148. Soha Molina says:
  149. Janice Cooper says:
  150. Jacqueline Griffin says:

    Well, it’s been KRAZY lately! My father in law was killed in an accident last Oct. My hubby totaled his car Jan and my brother in law just past away as well! The real estate market crashed so my job is ICK and I had shingles for 4 months! 2 kids in college! Well one just graduated! YAY for that! Not before the student loans racked up! My son then joined the Navy to be a SEAL! Oh well! We will all be OK! Life is good even though we have had our share of sadness! We just keep the faith! =]
    Thank You!

  151. Jacqueline Griffin says:

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    Thank You!!

  155. JoeyfromSC says:
  156. Mary Beth Elderton says:
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  158. Sometimes my life is Krazy because I have anxiety disorder.
    Need to pace myself throughout the day or it can get kind of nuts!
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  159. I follow you on Twitter @JalapenoMama – Daily tweet #1!/JalapenoMama/status/111277068821606400

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    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  161. Fan of The Not-So-Blog and My Krazy Life on Facebook – Barbara Montag

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  163. With a 7 year old, a 2 1/2 week old, school, soccer, and whatever else comes up, my life feels like it is always crazy at the moment!

  164. I subscribe.

  165. I liked both on Facebook.

  166. Janice Cooper says:
  167. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  168. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  169. JoeyfromSC says:
  170. my life is crazy because i work full time and i am in school

  171. Jackie Welling says:

    My Krazy story is that last night I left the cardboard on the bottom of the frozen pizza when i cooked it because it didn’t tell me to take it off, apparently they assume you aren’t going to have a blonde moment and leave it on, whoops!! I have MANY more stories like that. 🙂

  172. Jackie Welling says:

    I became a fan of your blog and the Krazy glue page on facebook! Jackie Orrock Welling

  173. Soha Molina says:
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  178. whoops, that last link was wrong, sorry. it should be!/simplydab/status/112133238360768513

  179. Jacqueline Griffin says:
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  189. Janice Cooper says:
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    Tell Krazy Glue about your Krazy Life {$50 Walmart Giveaway} @BridgetteLA


  191. Krazy life story? We live out in the country and my husband drives our only car to work every day, so I’m cut off from the outside world.. maybe that’s just boring, not crazy..

  192. I have three kids and my husband and I are both full time students. Every day feels like mass chaos! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

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  195. Janice Cooper says:
  196. Soha Molina says:
  197. I just sent my youngest daughter off to college so I’m living a pretty krazy life right now trying to adjust!

  198. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  199. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  200. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  201. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  202. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  203. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  204. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  205. My life is always Krazy because I am battling a chronic illness. Just doing everyday things can become an adventure.

  206. email subscriber

  207. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says:

    My life is always Krazy. As a single working mom my life is always a Krazy adventure. Between work and homework among everything else. LOL. Ahhhhh!!!!

  208. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says:

    I subscribe to your blog

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    I “Like” Fan of The Not-So-Blog and My Krazy Life on Facebook (Melissa P./Mel4Him)

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    Your button is posted on my left-hand sidebar under “Sew Buttons”

  211. Recovering from a stroke is a pretty crazy experience

  212. I have your button

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  214. I have two kids, one on the way, a good husband and I work full time.

  215. I subscribe to blog emails.

  216. I like you and My Krazy Life on FB as Anne Loyd.

  217. Janice Cooper says:
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  220. Soha Molina says:
  221. were raising our 2 grandaughters one is in Mid school the other one is in elementary school two diff. directions in the Am & the Afternoon…. tough 4 me 2 B in 2 places @ once …but Im workin it out thats our crazy lofe story

  222. follow U on Twitter @birdson777 & tweeted!/birdson777/status/112999641020243968

  223. Melinda Mendy Dinsmore says:
  224. sorry those last 2 links were wrong 🙁!/simplydab/status/113114075281620992

  225. Rising a son with autism is my Krazy life Adventure

  226. I am an email subscriber

  227. I like your blog on facebook Claudia N

  228. Janice Cooper says:
  229. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  230. dont have a krazy story, sorry

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  232. Two young kids is my Krazy life story

  233. Like The Not-So-Blog on FB as Mark Brennan

  234. jessica gengler says:

    being a ministers wife with 3 boys under 7 is my krazy life —

  235. jessica gengler says:

    FB fan as Jessica Vaughan gengler

  236. Leslie Galloway says:

    my crazy life is raising two kiddos (3 & 5) while I study for the LSAT

  237. Leslie Galloway says:
  238. Leslie Galloway says:


  239. I work in a non-profit agency for adults with developmental disabilities and the only thing predictable about my day is you never know what’s going to happen!

  240. With 3 young kids and two parents working FT, we have just learned to roll with our crazy life.

  241. Sorry, but no Kraziness here! 🙂

  242. My summer has been krazy, we moved to another state!

  243. Soha Molina says:
  244. Janice Cooper says:
  245. paige chandler says:

    I was born a krazy baby, becae a krazy teen and now I’m a krazy mom.

  246. Casey Lynn Everidge says:

    while my boyfriend works, i stay at home and take care of my two younger siblings while my father works!! woah!

  247. Work, kids, home, school, pets, doctors, krazy

  248. Francisco Cheng says:

    love the krazy life!

  249. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  250. I blogged #1

  251. I blogged #2

  252. I blogged #3

  253. I blogged #4

  254. I blogged #5

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  259. I blogged #10

  260. My craziness right now involves being a single mom and having 2 kids involved in sports and other activities after school. It is hard to keep up with all the games and practices sometimes.

  261. Soha Molina says:
  262. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  263. tracey johnson says:

    i have 4 kids, my whole day can get krazy, lol

  264. tracey johnson says:

    facebook fan of the not so-blog

  265. tracey johnson says:

    i follow you on twitter

  266. Janice Cooper says:
  267. My life has been krazy and hectic since I had my sweet twin babies!

  268. like both on fb (julie hawkins)

  269. My Krazy Story involves me krazy-gluing my broken stud earring back so I can wear them to my college class! I don’t have the time to buy new ones so it’s my little repair secret!

  270. e-mail subscriber. (validated!)

  271. I LIKE The Not-So-Blog on Facebook (Erin Mize)

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  273. I submitted my Krazy Glue Story on their Facebook!

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  275. Oh my gosh, I have 4 kids, I homeschool them all, ages 17, 11, 6, & 3. So our lives are pretty krazy! Things are always being broken, created, built, destroyed, and so on. We always need krazy glue, and never seem to have any around when we need it! Help!

  276. I was born in northern Maine and always dreamed of living down south-so finally, I did…hated it; the food was too greasy, the potato in Kentucky didn’t have the fresh flavor I loved.
    So here I am, back up north- in Northern NY, even further North of Bangor ME, where I was raised!

  277. I think my “krazy life story” is still a work in progress. That makes me very nervous! It started a few weeks ago with sitting here and feeling the first earthquake I ever felt in my life. A few days later, Hurricane Irene came through.

    Thought that would be it for a while but we just had the most severe flooding in decades after Hurricane Lee dumped a lot of rain. Our town was totally cut off for days. So very “krazy”, yes. I’m feeling fortunate right now that at least it’s not the time of year for a blizzard. Uh… at least I hope it isn’t! 🙂

    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  278. I am already an email subscriber. 🙂
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    I have 3 kids.. enough said!

  284. Rebecca Peters says:

    I subscribe to email

  285. I’m a single mom of a 17 year old girl, self employed with a business that is now all but non-existant due to recession hitting all my clients, scrambling trying to find odd jobs and gigs to help pay the bills while still retaining my sanity!

  286. daniel healey says:

    We have 4 kids at home and we try not to use any paper plates so we are always breaking the nice plates. The problem is is that my wife and I are usually the ones breaking the dishes in the sink.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  287. My life is Krazy. If I could collect my thoughts enough I’d tell you about it. There’s just too much going on though.

  288. I follow you on Twitter.

  289. Jacqueline Griffin says:
  290. 4 kids, 5 dogs, husband who was medically retired early, grandson and we just took in a rescue pup. Oh and dd and her cat just moved back in. Crazy doesn’t begin to cover it.

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  293. 72, living with middle-aged nephew, one car, one elderly kitty. Nephew has strange shift hours, so we have totally unpredictable hours and car usage “fun and games.” It’s a good thing in a way, because it keeps me adaptable and ready for anything.

  294. My krazylife story is well 3 girls and my wife is preg with another (hopefully a boy) plus we got 2 dogs, 2 cats, a ferret and a parrot lol 😛

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  297. My Krazy life revolves around 2 kids, 3 dogs, and 1 husband. There is never a dull moment in this house. I am on the go from the time they wake until way after they’ve all went to bed. My life is Krazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  298. I follow you on twitter and tweeted:!/marison459/status/114546478168551425

  299. Yvonne Butler says:

    Since I have gotton older and my health is not good, I some how developed the Krazy Clutz Disease. I am constanly breaking something. Krazy glue has to always come to the rescue. I look around and everywhere I look there is something I have broken and Krazy Glued back together.

  300. for 3.5 years ive had to commute 2.5hrs each way (on a good day!) in LA traffic to get to work. im surprised i still have most of my hair because the stress makes Krazy an understatement!

  301. email sub ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  303. Jennifer Wery says:

    Just trying to keep up with my 3 boys (ages:20, 15, and 13), my dog who just had surgery and a cat that adopted us is hard enough without throwing in a job and housework! It is worth it tho!

  304. That’s a tough question! My life is a little Krazy… I have 2 kids who are a year apart. I have a small business with my hubs. And I run our entire household. It gets crazy sometimes!

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