Six Years Ago, I Learned….


Images I took Post-Katrina

……a Hurricane named Katrina had destroyed my City.

I learned what hitting rock bottom feels like.  On the other hand, I learned how strong I really am.  I learned humility as I stood in line for food stamps.  I learned that family is everything and friendship knows no boundaries.  I learned that quietly crying with your spouse in a hotel bathroom so as to not wake your 6 month old baby can threaten to tear apart your world, but only makes it stronger.  I learned that shouting “Who Dat!” is so much more than a football chant and proudly wearing black and gold is a symbol of unity.

Six years ago today, my life changed forever.  But believe it or not….it changed for the better.  Today, I remember the struggles of my neighbors, my family, my friends and my City as we continue to rebuild New Orleans.


  1. Diane Hunn says:

    Beautifully written from the heart B! Love Mom

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. It makes me remember my thoughts, fears, and feelings the days after being hit by Rita and Ike. But then I have to step back and think, we were the lucky ones compared to those like you.

    From the middle of September thru the middle of October I have anxiety everytime I see a storm, no matter how close to the Gulf.

    Stay strong girl.

  3. Jessica: I completely understand! We have all kinds of superstitious rituals to keep the hurricanes away from Mid-August till October! LOL! It is definitely a high anxiety time for us!

  4. Thanks, Mom! 🙂

  5. Kristy Harrison says:

    I cannot imagine what you guys were going through at the time, yet through everything you were some of the strongest and sweetest people I know. We were so touched to have met you guys!!!

  6. And I’m proud to have learned what “Who Dat?” means thanks to my favorite New Orleanian.

  7. Kristy, Thank you so much for everything you and your family did for us those days/weeks after the Storm. I don’t think I would have stayed quite as sane without a little relief from friends. I still have the picture you gave me on my night stand!

  8. What a beautifully written, from the heart post! Just stumbled upon this by accident but HAD to tell you how much it touched me to read such real writing!

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