Summer Camp 101

How’s your Summer so far?  Here in Southeast Louisiana, the weather is extremely hot, but we have been enjoying the lazy days of Summer.  Because my husband is a teacher, he is staying at home with our two girls so we do not have the expense of summer camp (he affectionately calls it “Daddy Boot Camp”).  However, we have sorted through all of the options and chosen a few activities for our kids to give Dad a break and the girls a chance of the regular routine.
Earlier this Summer, we took a family vacation to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, which was quite possibly our best trip to date.  One week of camp was included for both kids and they loved it!  Activities ranged from swimming to hiking and art to circus tricks.  It was a dream come true!
This past week, my oldest daughter attended a camp at my alma mater.  After the first day, she came home completely excited because she was issued a locker! As a first grader, she has had no experience with lockers and she felt like a big kid.  It was tons of fun to hear her talk about walking the same hallways and eating in the same cafeteria that I did almost 20 years ago.  But, let me tell you….things have changed!  Despite the same four walls, the program and technology available to the girls has come a long way!  Incoming freshman have access to laser printers, netbooks and even a tablet PC!  That’s a far cry from my loose leaf and number 2 pencil!
Next week, the girls will stay home with my husband and “Daddy Boot Camp” will be in full swing!  But, after a week of learning time, the girls will attend a Summer Dance Camp at a local dance studio.  They will learn dance routines, make their own costumes, prepare the scenery and learn all about stage makeup.  They could not be more excited.
What are your kids up to this Summer?

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