Let Bargain Jill Help You Find Great Deals!

Mommies, what do you think is worse: dragging your kids to the store for long bargain shopping trips, or spending hours online sifting through different bargain sites and newsletters? Austin-natives Sharon and Dustin DeVries decided that no woman should have to answer this question, so they created BargainJill.com, a one-stop-shop for women’s deals.

Bargain Jill compiles both one-day and longer-term deals, coupons, and storewide sales for women’s items: women’s clothing and accessories, beauty products, home and garden items, and children’s items. With Bargain Jill, you can buy a new Kenmore Grill for only $160 (36% off $250 retail) from our home and garden deals section and spoil yourself with a new 1 Carat diamond tennis bracelet for $89 (84% off $569 retail) from the women’s jewelery deals page—all in a single trip! She is also the perfect destination to plan brick-and-mortar shopping trips, since she shares coupons and storewide sales with her readers.

Bargain Jill’s main purpose is to save her customers time and money, so the site is extremely user-friendly. Users can organize deals by deal type, item type, recentness, and vendor stores. Did we mention vendors? Bargain Jill has thousands of vendor stores, and they are stores you know and trust: Macy’s, REI, Home Depot, and others.  One of Bargain Jill’s best features for saving her customers time and money is her searchbar on the left side of the screen. Users can search for particular items, and if Jill doesn’t have them, the site will display vendor availabilities and price comparisons for that item using Price Grabber. For the especially busy mommy, Jill has an active social
media platform—Twitter, newsletter, and RSS—so users can have deals delivered to them. Ladies, unclutter your inboxes and visit your new free online personal bargain shopper: Bargain Jill.

This is a compensated guest post written by Lindsey Lanskey of BargainJill.com.

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