Are We There Yet? Family Travel Secrets

This summer, most of us will hopefully embark on a family vacation.  There is always much discussion of the route we will take, what time to leave, and how soon to start packing.  One of the first things my husband does if we plan to drive is to check the vehicle maintenance log on the car to make sure the tires, oil, and other important components are tuned up and ready to go.  I start picking up little games and toys to save to make each of the kids a “goody bag” full of things they’ve never seen before to keep them entertained.

Car trips make us crazy....if you don't plan ahead!

Also important is to figure out the best and most efficient way to travel the route so that we can get there safely.  My husband sometimes relies on GPS route planning software to tell him exactly where we need to go.  I will also figure out about how much cash we will need along the way, like if we decide to stop for food, drinks, or if there are any tolls or automated meter reading during our trip.   Family road trips can be stressful, but also fun if you plan ahead, know what your limit is, and take breaks along the way.  What’s your family travel secret?

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