Take Me Out to the Ballgame with KRAFT Singles!

One of my earliest memories is of a family vacation to Houston, Texas.  My Dad, an avid baseball fan, was so excited to take us to a baseball game in the (what was once) the Astrodome.  My  brother and I just loved it and it is a memory that I will always treasure (even the part where we couldn’t find our car in the parking lot after the game)!  This Summer, make a similar memory with your own family courtesy of KRAFT Singles!

Every Tuesday through September 6th, bring any Kraft Singles wrapper to a minor league baseball field box office (no need to bring the cheese…only the wrapper!).  Purchase one regular priced ticket, flash your wrapper and get one ticket FREE!  What a great outing for your family for a low price!  Here in New Orleans, we are proud to host our own minor league baseball team, the Zephyrs.  I can’t wait to participate in this promotion and root, root, ROOT for the home team!

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