Spring Cleaning or Summer Cleaning?

Because I am a teacher, I am limited to the summertime to get things done.  When most people are spring cleaning, I am smack in the middle of standardized testing at school.  So, school is out for summer (YEAH!) and I have been busy this week getting re-organized around the house!  First we tackled the closets, and I ended up with three boxes of stuff that went to a local consignment shop.  Hooray for de-cluttering!  I thought about having a garage sale, but it’s too hot and that’s too much work!

Next, I took on the floors!  All of my baseboards got cleaned, as well as all of my flooring, including underneath all the furniture!  I am thankful that I don’t have big, heavy, rugs or else I would be searching for Oriental Rug care tips to try and figure out how to manage those!  I did need some spot removal tips to get a few tracks of dirt from the carpeting in the kids’ rooms and after I was done with them it looked so much better!  How is it that a family of four sometimes looks as if they generate enough mess for a family of 10?  I have often thought of having a professional carpet cleaning service come in, such as Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning Service, so I may look into that before the summer is over with.

Have any of you ever used a carpet cleaning service?  How did you like it?  I’d love to hear!  After getting all the spots out of the carpets, I did the fans and light fixtures and WOW, do those things get dusty!  I am just about done now and ready to enjoy  my summer.  I am not sure how much we’ll be indoors but when we are I can admire all of my work!  What are your best tips for keeping your house clean?  We’d love to hear them!


  1. I have been seeing post that School is out for the summer all over the web. The kids here are still in school until June 17th. The school year seems to get longer here for some strange reason. I feel bad for the teachers and the kids because we live in Maine and summer is so short. The only tip to help with cleaning that I found that motivates me and helps a lot is to keep my cleaning products at hand. It saves me time and running. For example I don’t have 1 bottle of windex in my house I have 3. One in my kitchen cabinet for washing the dining room and kitchen windows. One in my bathroom downstairs for quick grab to shine mirrors and sinks. One upstairs to clean bedroom windows and bathroom mirrors. I do this with all my cleaning products. That way I spot clean on and off every day. Instead of cleaning for hours and being exhausted. Enjoy your summer~!

  2. Debbie Stanton says:

    1. Each bathroom has their own set of cleaning products… so it’s quick to wipe down hall bath if company comes over.
    2. I swiffer floors as needed (which is every day or two arond here!!) in between mopping.

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