Dr. Drip Review: Enjoy Your Coffee Anywhere!

My husband is the primary coffee drinker in the house, and I am always telling him (he might say nagging him) that I pour a lot of coffee down the drain….and it’s like pouring money down the drain.  He has a habit of making a pot or a half a pot, and then the last 2 cups always seem go down the sink straight from the carafe.  I thought about getting him one of those cup-at-a-time brewing systems, but I don’t want another appliance on my counter.  The perfect solution?  Dr. Drip!

Dr. Drip Coffee is the perfect prescription for coffee drinkers everywhere.  From the website: “With convenience and portability top of mind, Dr. Drip practices the classic drip brewing method to brew one perfect cup at a time – in the kitchen or at the campsite. It couldn’t be simpler – perch the good Doctor atop your mug-in-waiting and pour hot water over the grounds and through the filter to unlock the alluring aroma and scintillating taste of freshly roasted Arabica beans!” 

Dr. Drip is the ultimate portable product…the packaging is small and light enough to fit in any bag, backpack, or purse.  You can literally have coffee just the way you like it anywhere, anytime.

I decided to pull a trick play on my husband (our poor husbands are always having to take hits for the sake of the blog 🙂 ) and one night when he was out in his home office working he asked me to please brew a half pot of coffee.  Knowing that he would likely drink one cup and then the rest would get tossed, I made him a single cup of Dr. Drip.  The Dr. Drip system was easy to figure out and is a neat little contraption that fits right across the top of a standard cup.  Within a minute I had a cup of coffee made!  Hubby loved his coffee and I loved the fact that I had no mess to clean and NO WASTE.  Besides not wasting any coffee, Dr. Drip packaging, filters and coffee are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, leaving no negative footprint behind. 

 Dr. Drip comes in four organically-grown, tempting blends and will satisfy any coffee lover.  You can also find Dr. Drip onFacebook and Twitter!  A good cup of coffee from Dr. Drip will cure anything that ails you!

 This post is  the opinion of Jennifer of The Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing opinion of the product.  While a product sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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