Switch to Silk: Days 3, 4 and 5 with Silk Original

After trying (and loving) our regular smoothie mix with Silk Soymilk during our Switch to Silk Challenge, I thought for this next challenge I would try baking with it, too.  My friend told me that you could not bake with soymilk, so I thought I would do a little experiment of my own to test out her theory.  Here are the results:

One of the first things my hubby and I do in the morning is make a cup of coffee or hot tea (I am so not a coffee person).  We usually grab for creamer or milk for our beverage, but today decided to try the Silk Original which is lower in cholesterol than our regular creamer.  My husband was not a fan of the change, but it was very delicious in my English Breakfast hot tea.

On Day Four, I continued finding easy swaps for Silk Original and decided to try it in my daughters’ favorite breakfast cereal.  I thought the color would throw them off a bit, but mixed with the cereal, they didn’t seem to notice.  No one complained and finished their cereal as usual.

I hope you are joining me on the Switch to Silk journey!  Do you have any great ideas for the swap?  Share them with other Silk lovers by using #SwitchtoSilk on Twitter.  And while you’re here, make sure you enter my Silk giveaway, too!

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