Switch to Silk Challenge: Days Nine and Ten

We did it!  We made it through the Switch to Silk Ten Day Challenge!  To be honest, I thought this journey would be more difficult that it turned out to be.  My girls and my husband had absolutely no problems with the switches we tried in the kitchen and I was quite happy about cutting back on some of the calories!

I have to say, my favorite switch was was one day one of the challenge when I made triple berry smoothies with my girls! But, we had many great swaps throughout the project.  On day nine, we decided to make our most popular brownie recipe using the Original Silk, took the dish to a party and they were a hit (shhh…I’m actually having another right now!).

Finally, on the last day of the challenge, we opted to go back and try the PureAlmond Dark Chocolate that my daughter loved so much and use it to make hot chocolate this time.  By adding some whipped cream and even some mini-chocolate chips, we had a decedent treat perfect for before bedtime!

I hope you all learned some great tricks and tips on how to integrate Silk Soymilk into your daily routine….it’s a lot easier than you think!  I will leave you with some final thoughts on the project:

Thanks for following along!

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  2. Oops! It should work now! Thanks for the heads up!

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