Kick the Boredom Blues with Kids Craft Kits

With the school year about to end, my daughters are so excited that Summer is almost here and are dreaming of lazy days filled with fun and relaxation.  But, does anyone want to take a guess as to how many days pass before we hear the dreaded phrase?

“I’m booooooored!”

I am guessing three days.  Maybe four.  My husband stays home with the girls in the Summer because he is a teacher himself (I envy his long Summer break!), so we have already begun to plan activities, learning time and outings to help minimize the boredom.  But let me tell you, fun Summer activities come at a price!  We are being quite careful with our budget and are trying to take into consideration the cost involved in our plans.  In addition to field trips, we have been searching for inexpensive ways to keep the kids occupied.

Fortunately, my little ones love to create.  They love to dance, sing, dress-up, color and draw.  I am thrilled to have found some kids craft kits from that fit the bill!  My daughters would LOVE to play with the Create-A-Tiara Kids Craft Kit!  Complete with glitter, jewels and and glue pens, there is enough material to make twelve tiaras.  What a perfect activity for a Summer playdate with not only my daughters but their friends as well.  And did I mention the whole kit is only $4.99?  Add some nail polish and lip gloss and you have a true princess party!

My husband is used to being in the midst of girl themed parties and activities in my all-female household!  But has a wide variety of activities for all children with many interests.  I love the Wooden Birdhouse Model Kit, too!  If you are looking to plan a summer curriculum and kick those boredom blues, make sure you check out!

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