Wordless Wednesday: Bunny Bliss


  1. Those are two VERY happy little girls. Love the expressions. I think the Easter Bunny did good.

  2. looks like the Easter Bunny did a great job!

  3. OMG their faces tell it all, how funny!

  4. I love this picture… pure joy!

  5. They look like they are having a BLAST!

  6. WooHoo! Bubbles and sunglasses are the best surprises! Cute baskets!

  7. Yay they look so thrilled!

  8. So cute! Look how happy they are! I love taking photos of the boys when they first see their baskets too.

  9. Look at those Happy faces! Looks like they had a great Easter

  10. omgosh they were excited!! love it 🙂

  11. Abby Approved says:

    They look so happy!!!

  12. Some more really great Easter Baskets! Nice!

  13. FUN!!!

  14. Looks like they had a great day!

  15. Little BGCG says:

    They look so excited!

  16. Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma says:

    You can tell how happy and excited they are to dig through their baskets. What a great memory captured!

  17. They look very happy with their discoveries. 🙂 Happy WW!

  18. Awesome baskets! They look so happy.

  19. Now THOSE are some excited lil’ faces!

  20. Great shot of pure glee!

  21. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy says:

    love how excited they are

  22. Lisa from Life with Lisa says:

    Looks like they were pretty excited about their Easter – thanks for sharing.

  23. I love seeing happy kids!
    Happy WW!

  24. They look like they are so enjoying the moment!

  25. What fun to see their excited faces! The Easter Bunny was good to them!

  26. They look absolutely thrilled! LOL…great picture.

  27. Love the faces! Priceless photo!

  28. And girls do just wanna have fun!!! Love the joy in their faces!! Happy WW!!

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