Wordless Wednesday: Sno-balls!


One of my favorite things about NOLA: Chocolate Snoballs with Condensed Milk!


  1. Sarah from Minnesota Mama's Must Haves says:

    Never heard of them before! Yum

  2. Sounds like the kind of snowball I’d want to see! I’ve never heard of it either, is it ice cream?

  3. valmg @ Mom Knows It all says:

    Up here snowballs are usually flavored ice. Is that ice cream?

  4. Looks yummy, never heard of Nola’s

  5. Marianna says:

    Looks yummy!!

  6. Never heard of them before!

  7. It’s shaved ice (almost powdered), covered with chocolate syrup and condensed milk! Totally calorie free! LOL!

  8. Never heard of them, looks yummy though!

  9. Now that looks interesting! I loved shaved ice and ice cream and chocolate!

  10. One thing I miss most about NOLA (and its a long list…) is going to Plum Street on a sunny afternoon and getting a snowball. Orchid cream vanilla and nectar cream. yummmmmmm.

  11. Mmm that actually sounds good!

  12. Me too! SO yummy!!!! Enjoy!

  13. I never saw them and they look quite tasty!

  14. That looks SO good. I can’t imagine how delicious that is.
    It’s not fair that you get all the good stuff.

  15. Oh, yummy!

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