With this Ring….

My hubby and I have known each other since 1986, when we were in 6th grade.  After dating throughout high school and college, we knew we wanted to be married when the time was right.  I started casually thumbing through wedding magazines and ripping out pages of gowns, flowers and rings that caught my eye…..you know, just in case.

One weekend, I accompanied my then boyfriend to a local gun show which happened to be in the same convention hall as a local jewelry show (somehow doesn’t seem right, but I am totally telling you the truth).  After suffering through the gun show, I made him walk through the jewelry show with me.  We both talked about what we would want for wedding rings and I even tried on some rings for fun.  Little did I know, he was making many mental notes.

The jewelry show only fueled the fire as I began to really start checking out engagement ring websites like Since 1910.com.  This site allows you to chose your favorite stone, specify the quality, choose a “Since 1910.com” custom setting, and see the finished product.  I had a ton of fun designing my perfect ring!

On our anniversary during a walk at the park, my hubby got down on one knee and proposed.  The ring he gave me was more beautiful and more perfect that I could have imaged.  Now, eleven years later, I am still in love with him and the ring!  Perhaps now it’s time to shop for Since 1910.com Eternity Bands!


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