Switch to Silk: My Ten Day Challenge

Let’s face it, I love milk.  I love ice cream.  I love cheese.  I love dairy.  Fortunately, we do not have any allergies or intolerance to milk products in my home.  That being said, while milk is great for the body, too much milk can pack on the calories.  Skim milk is a great alternative for those looking to cut their calorie intake, but to me….it tastes like white water.  Blech.

Recently, I was asked to leave the milk in the fridge and switch to Silk Soy Milk for ten days.  My initial thoughts…..yikes!  TEN days!?  Are you kidding?  But the more I checked out the nutritional information and ways we could cook with Silk, I started to change my attitude.  A switch to silk could mean consuming less calories while upping my calcium intake!

For the next ten days, you will see how my family and I make the switch to Silk.  My fridge is stocked with several different varieties (did you know they had dark chocolate almond milk?) and my calendar is organized with ten ways we plan to integrate Silk into our everyday (and extremely hectic) lives. I will be tweeting using #SwitchtoSilk where you can follow my journey and you just may win some Silk of your very own!

Help me out!  Have you made the switch?  How do you use Silk in your home?

Products to facilitate the Ten Day Switch to Silk Challenge as well as a FlipCam for documentation were provided by Silk.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions remain 100% my own.


  1. Ava Holmes says:

    I use silk for everything even to bake

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