Let’s Go For a Ride!

stroller Now that winter is over (in most places) and Spring has sprung, are you getting outdoors more often?  My two daughters love to go on walks around the neighborhood or the local park.  While most of our outings these days consist of them riding in the two person wagon, it wasn’t long ago that we were hauling out the pushchair (or stroller) so they could enjoy a longer ride.

Fortunately for us, there is a local park within walking distance to our home, so we would put my first daughter in our jogging stroller and head for some mommy exercise.  However, when my second daughter came along and my first was none to happy about riding in a “baby stroller”, we found a sit and stand stroller or a tandem pushchair worked best for us.  My oldest had a bit of freedom while riding in the sit and stand stroller, but also loved sitting behind her sister (and closer to me) in the tandem.

My cousin, who is now writing here at Experimental Mommy, just had her second child and is in much of the same predicament as I was several years ago.  She is currently shopping for a new stroller and considered the tandem pushchairs as well.  The Safety 1st Duodeal Tandem buggy is an awesome option!  But, because her son is getting older as well, and a Disney vacation is just over the horizon, she is looking into the sit and stand as well.

If you have two small children, what type of stroller do you have at home?  What are the advantages and disadvantages!  Help!


  1. Diane Hunn says:

    I find’t know Beth was writing for you now. When is her first review? So excited for you both!

  2. She did one already! It was for a bouncy seat.

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