Green Your Education

Last week, I told you about the initiative and goals of Global Green and Pureology.  This week, I have been learning more about the program and what it takes to “green” a school.  Did you know that 20% of Americans spend their day in a school?  Many schools in our Country are old, waste energy, and are made of toxic materials causing both teachers and students to miss school due to illness.  But Global Green is working to create schools that use more natural light, less water and less energy!  In fact, Global Green is currently working on seven schools in the New Orleans area.

Knowing that Global Green is investing our local schools made me even more interested in the program and how I can help beyond nominating my own school for a green makeover.  The upcoming Earth Day is a great way to open a conversation with your children about doing their part to save the environment and making their school a better place to learn.  In a brainstorming session with my daughter, she decided that she would rather take an eco-friendly container to school for her drink rather than bringing a new plastic water bottle each day.  She also decided that she would color on both sides of the paper instead of reaching for a new sheet for every picture.   At only six years old, I was proud of the sacrifices she was willing to make for the Planet!

If your school could use a Green Makeover, make sure you enter the Global Green/Pureology contest soon!

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