“Can I Borrow the Car?” and Other Terrifying Phrases

I remember the first time I sat behind the wheel of a car. My Dad, who sat in the passenger seat, said, “You are now in control of a weapon. You have the ability to take someone’s life.” I remember thinking, “Way to ruin the moment, Dad.” But, his words made an impression and turned this rite of passage into a HUGE responsibility.

Looking back, I can only imagine how it must feel as a parent to turn over the keys to your teenager. It has got to be terrifying.  Watching them drive away.  Losing control of their safety.  Wishing you could be there to protect them wherever they go.  Although we have ten years left before my oldest takes this step, I know it will be here in a blink of an eye.

Recently, I learned of a new device called Tiwi from Inthinc.com.  This on-board computer monitors your teen’s driving habits and issues warnings to your young driver when an infraction, such as speeding, occurs.  The monitor can also send the parent alerts via text message, phone call or email when an infraction is made.  Parents can also set boundaries for the driver which can be monitored by Inthinc GPS tracking.  You can receive alerts when your child arrives at school or when they go beyond the predetermined boundaries.

I think my favorite feature of the Tiwi device is the one touch call button for emergencies.  With the touch of one button, emergency personnel are notified and dispatched.  While you can’t be there with your child every step of every day, devices like Tiwi from Inthinc can give parents a peace of mind.

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