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As I start to prepare my blog conference schedule for 2011 (ok, so I am a little behind), I started thinking back to my very first blog post.  I had no idea what I was doing, why I was doing it or if it would go anywhere.  And here I sit, almost 3 years later, in awe of what I have learned and how much I still have to learn about blogging.
I have been fortunate enough to attend several blog conferences and am even starting one of my very own.  From each meeting, I have taken away a ton of information that has proven to be very valuable in creating my brand and growing my business.  I definitely have a much clearer vision than I did those three short years ago.  But, where do I go from here?  I have to continue to evolve in order to engage readers and be relevant. 
Honestly, I wish I could attend every blog conference to network and continue to learn, but my pocketbook just does not allow it!  Wouldn’t it be great if there were elearning tools and elearning software available to create courses bloggers could take in the comfort of their own home?  I know I have definitely benefited from elearning courses taken at my job, so there must be some available in website design, SEO, monetization, and other topics relevant to upcoming bloggers, right?
What has been your best learning experience as a blogger?  Was it a conference session?  A brand event?  A relationship developed with a more experienced blogger?  How are you ensuring that your blog has “staying power?”


  1. I think there is probably a lot more than you think already available as far as elearning goes. I haven’t had the funds to attend many blog conferences either, but my friend Tara Gentile offers some great elearning tools useful for bloggers and creative business owners, including ebooks and online workshops:

    The Problogger workbooks are great as well:

    Naomi of IttyBiz and Dave Navarro (not the music rockstar, the marketing rockstar!) also have some great resources:

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