Let Me Represent You at BlogHer 2011!

As you know, Experimental Mommy (aka The Not-So-Blog) is a product review blog focusing on baby, kid and Mom based items.  Through my site, women discover and experience the newest mom products and often look to my site for advice and information on “the next big thing.”  With a reader base of 15,000 unique visitors a month, 4550 Twitter followers and 1,625 Facebook Fans, Experimental Mommy has the capacity to reach thousands of Moms seeking information before making a purchasing decision.

Attending the BlogHer 2010 Conference in NYC last year was a wonderful experience for me.  Over 2000 Mom bloggers were in attendance, and I learned more than I ever expected.  Together with Cecelia, my business partner and Double Duty Diva co-owner, we connected with brands and forged blogger relationships. We would love to attend BlogHer 2011 in order to continue to grow our network and learn the necessary skills to propel our success.

Why should you sponsor us? Between Cecelia and I, we have over 5 years of blogging experience, a fast growing network and a sold-out blogging conference which proves that we are hard working, dedicated and determined women.  We have been to several blog conferences in the past including a speaking engagement at BlogWorld Expo last year so we know proper protocol and professionalism in these settings.  We are both outgoing and enjoy talking with attendees to share information about your company.  With our motto, “power in numbers” at the forefront of conversations, we love to talk with mom bloggers about how to harness their opinions and work together for the betterment of brands.

What can we do for you? During BlogHer 2011, we will network (including handing out business cards) during sessions, socials and private parties to help spread the word about your company.  To start, we will announce your sponsorship in a blog post on Experimental Mommy, Cool Baby Kid and Double Duty Divas including any SEO keywords you prefer.  We will gladly offer free advertising (125×125 button) on on all three sites for four months.  In addition, we will mention your company in tweets and Facebook posts throughout the conference using three Twitter handles (@BridgetteLA, @coolbabykid and @DoubleDutyDivas).   Between Twitter followers and Facebook Fans, we can reach nearly 14,000 people!  Finally, we will waive the Diva campaign coordination fee and get your product on five of our networked blogs.

What do we need? Cecelia and I have already bought our BlogHer 2011 tickets and are ready to roll!  Because we plan to room together, we are looking for a $1000 sponsorship in order to cover our hotel expenses and plane flights.  We plan to accept two $500 sponsorships in order to focus our time on your brand.  We feel this is a great deal for your company as you get TWO smart, outgoing, and savvy women spreading the word for you at BlogHer 2011.

By sponsoring our trip to BlogHer 2011, we are looking to develop a much deeper relationship with you than just selling passive advertising. This means we are genuinely passionate about your products, and we want to communicate that passion at various times to our readers and partners.

If you are interested in this sponsorship opportunity or have any questions, please contact me at notsoblog (at) gmail (dot) com!


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