If You Could Live Anywhere….

……where would it be?

As most of you know, I am a native New Orleanian.  My entire family lives here and my roots are strong in the Crescent City.  I absolutely love living here…. the culture, the food, the people and yes, even the Hurricanes (well, that’s a more love/hate relationship).  However, after Hurricane Katrina when my husband lost his job, we briefly started talking about where we may be able to move and raise our family.  We talked a lot about Nashville, TN and Raleigh, NC because they were close enough to home, employment options were plentiful, we liked the climate and upon recent visits, we could actually picture ourselves living there.

Our discussion soon turned to  fantasy as we talked about all of the “dream” places we could live like Hawaii or NYC.  Not many of you know this, but I have had a secret desire to learn to ice skate and be in the Winter Olympics.  I guess being from New Orleans where there are NO ice rinks, positioned this activity at the top of my bucket list.  Because we were at a major crossroads in our lives, I started thinking that maybe a colder locale would be ideal.  It certainly would afford us many different experiences!  As I started to look at homes in Park City, Utah (I can’t image a better place to train for the Olympics), I had to face a harsh reality……I am old….too old for the Olympics.

But not too old to dream…..

In the end, we decided that New Orleans was in our blood and we had no desire to be from anywhere else.  We returned home and rebuilt our life and are now living happily ever after….even without my ice skates.


  1. I wouldn’t live anywhere else either. I’ve lived in Louisiana my entire life. But I move to the New Orleans area about three years ago. No place on this planet is more eclectic, has better food and better sports fans than New Orleans. You guys made the absolute right decision. I lived in Tennessee for four years while I was in college and while it was very pretty i just didn’t have the same soul that New Orleans has.

    Where on this planet can you see men running down the street in Red Dresses. Catch a million people in the streets for a football team’s parade. Eat a completely fried poboy (bread and all). Get some good music on any give street corner. And end the day with a second line. No where but New Orleans. I’m Proud to Call It Home!!!! And even better I’m glad to meet a fellow New Orleanian.

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