Wordless Wednesday: Is it Midnight Yet, Mom?

I can't believe my two year old made it till midnight (barely) on New Year's Eve! Happy 2011!


  1. That is impressive! My 4yo’s conked out around 10, my 6yo made it for the 1st time ever. Happy new year, Bridgette!

  2. Mine were all awake for the ball drop. She does look rather tired!

  3. I barely made it to midnight myself!

  4. Diane Hunn says:

    She did better than Pops!

  5. Too funny! My 6 year old was up until 1 a.m.

  6. What a beautiful photo! You look so sweet together 🙂

  7. How cute! My husband was in bed long before the clock tolled midnight, however I had a much tougher time getting my teenager to bed, finally at 1:30 am I put my foot down, LOL!

  8. my kids would of loved that opp, but I didn’t let them until older, Now I can not make it myself, LOL!

  9. Sara@MommaFindings says:

    Oh Bridge, this is such a sweet picture!

  10. Very sweet pic 🙂

  11. What a sweet pea! I don’t blame her.. I had a hard time staying awake myself.

  12. Awwww… she is barely there, but she did it! We played last year’s Youtube ball drop at 8pm. Mine are too young to know the difference. Lol.

  13. Good for her! I didn’t make it myself 🙂

  14. Abby Approved says:

    That is impressive! I barely made it this year. Happy New Year!

  15. That’s awesome! We didn’t even try for midnight!

  16. Yay she made it! Sad for me mine were still going strong at midnight!

  17. Jenna @ For The Love of Baby! says:

    She is so precious! <3

  18. Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy says:

    Such a sweet picture Bridgette! All three of mine were up, unfortunately 🙂

  19. Wow she must have been exhausted! Thanks for the link up!

  20. Awww Even my 9 year old didn’t make it!

  21. So cute… I had the dog with me at midnight. You were much luckier!

  22. Aw how cute! My 6yr old and husband were passed out at 10:00p.m ha!

  23. Cute! She looks SO ready for bed though. Our boys stayed up and then slept in until noon the next day.

  24. Wow that’s pretty great for a 2 year old to be able to do that. Happy New Year!

  25. Love that glassy=eyed look on your daughter’s face!

  26. Kids have some amazing endurance and willpower when they need it. Cute photo!

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