Tax Time already? Get Organized with SMEAD!

In addition to my product review blog, Experimental Mommy, I began a network of mom bloggers in 2009 with my good friend Cecelia of Cool Baby Kid.  With what started out as a network of 5 bloggers has exploded to almost 600 in just over one year.  We have added Twitter Parties, Review Campaigns and Consulting to our list of services and within the last few months made our business official by forming Double Duty Divas, LLC.  While our venture is exciting, it is imperative to stay organized so things run smoothly as tax time looms in the near future.

Cecelia and I have read many articles and sought the advice of professionals in order to make sure we are doing things correctly.  The best piece of advice we received is to make sure you stay organized!  Fortunately, I was recently introduced to a SMEAD line of products which will help me achieve this goal including the SMEAD Tax Organizer, the SMEAD Expanding File and the Smead All-in-One Income Tax Organizer.

tax organizer

SMEAD Organomics offers some advice in their online articles.  While reading the article entitled, “Tax Advice:  Making Tax Time Easier,” I learned that throughout the year you should separate paperwork into three files:  Income, Expenses and Taxes.  I think the Expanding File would be perfect for this tax!  The article also suggests placing a folder in your car and kitchen in order to quickly place receipts you may need in the future but do not have time to file.  Brilliant!

Because our LLC is new,  my favorite product is the Tax Organizer mainly because it has a great tax checklist on the inside cover.  The organizer also includes several pockets and pre-printed labels to sort paperwork accumulated throughout the year.  I definitely think this will help us be more organized and prepared when we file our taxes this year.

If you need to be more organized, check out the complete line of SMEAD products!

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing experience with the product.  I received a gift card as compensation for my time, however all opinions remain 100% mine.

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