Stay cool this winter with Ice Breakers Frost!

As a teacher, I don’t get to stop and drink or eat something on the spot when I want to.  I constantly have several varieties of mints and gum in my desk drawer and purse at all times.  As soon as I finish most meals, I am looking for something to freshen my mouth.  I was excited recently to try out Hershey’s new Ice Breakers Frost!

Ice Breakers Frost are available in two great flavors, Wintercool and Peppermint.   Both are sugar-free and feature a flavor core coated with xylitol to keep your breath fresh.  They are loaded with flavor crystals to deliver great taste throughout the entire mint.  Best of all, they won’t add fluff to your waistline – check out the nutrition guide here.

I received a sample of the peppermint and tossed them in my purse on the way out to dinner with some friends and their children.  After eating, my friend was digging for mints in her purse and I grabbed my Ice Breakers.  All 10 of us (including the kids) sampled them and all agreed they were great!  My two kids even commented that they weren’t too “spicy,” which is my daughter’s word when a mint or gum is too intense for her.   We all agreed the Frost mints were perfectly flavored….not too weak and not too strong.  I will definitely be purchasing more Ice Breakers Frost in the future!  The only thing I will be looking out for is to see if the Frost container is made like the regular Ice Breakers container….it doesn’t have a “to share” tab so when you want to share, you have to open the whole container.   Y’all know I am a germophobe and don’t like other people’s hands in my mints!

Be on the lookout for brand-new Ice Breakers Frost from Hersheys!  Your mouth will thank you!


  1. Fran Major says:

    New mints. This sounds great for a giveaway

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