Spread Some Cheer with 1-800-Flowers and DailyFeats.com

While Christmas has past, it is never too late to spread some cheer for loved ones who may need it.  This season, I was able to send my Grandmother (who lives in a nursing home) an All Wrapped Up Holiday Arrangement from 1-800-Flowers.  The arrangement consisting of roses, carnations and mini carnations sprinkled with cedar, noble fir and sparkly silver ornaments definitely brought a smile to her face.  When the package arrived, my Grandmother was elated and promptly called her friends and staff to her room to see the flowers.  I am so happy that the arrangement made her so incredibly happy! She commented on how pretty they were and how wonderful they smelled.  It truly made her day.

Now, 1-800-Flowers has teamed up with DailyFeats.com to help you spread a little cheer.  Simply check in at DailyFeats.com when you do a good deed for your community, your family, your friends or even yourself.  Find your “feat” in the catalog and earn points.  Gathering points will unlock rewards from local and national brands including a 1-800-Flowers savings pass. Some of the “feats” include some pretty great tasks such as “Conduct a Scientific Experiment.”  That’s my personal fave. But you can also earn points for giving blood, adopting an animal or eating your vegetables.

Share your good deeds, stories and photos at DailyFeats.com or “like” 1800Flowers on Facebook and get a little cheer for yourself!

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